I would like to thank all my sponsors.  For me personally, sponsorship is far more than just "getting free stuff", it's about believing in the products and then being the best spokesperson I can be for them.  I'm very lucky to have such awesome support from so many different brands.

adidas eyewear Logo M transparent background

Adidas is my eyewear sponsor.

Like most of my sponsors, I've loved their products from sometime and I'm really happy to be able to now represent this well known and respected brand. Oh, and they look awesome too!

Thanks to the guys at Mimo Australia


Schwarble tyres help Jess keep going year round, with both MTB and Road tyres.

Bike Box is the Australian distributor.  Jess has continued a long relationship with both Schwarble and Bike Box and loves the products, including her favourite Rocket Rons 

Giant Bikes Australia supported me now for almost 10 years. In 2017 Giant ended my tenure with them. I'd like to thank Giant Australia for the years of support and believing in me.