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01 July 2018

2018 Cloudride Bikepacking mega adventure

6 Apr 2018

I arrived at Cabramurra at 9:30am Easter Monday.
700 km in with 300 km to go until Canberra.

I departed Jindabyne around 2 pm on Sunday after attempting to get my dynamo hub working again with the help of the mechanic at the bike shop.
It was a long hard 100km slog ahead from Jindabyne to Cabramurra.
At around 10 hours in I found myself not being able to think about anything else but where to sleep.
I was scanning everywhere that would make a good spot to rest and settled on a bunch of knee high springy bushes which I laid my bivvy and sleeping bag on without even inflating my mattress.
Sleep came quick and around 2 hrs later I awoke and got underway.  I don’t even know how much longer I was able to proceed but progress was painfully slow.  
Much of...

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Ironman Western Australia - finding my WHY

6 Dec 2017

It has been a damn long time between blog posts.

After a crash I had in the Cloudride with concussion upon hitting a wombat my purpose for doing ‘epic shit’ kind of wavered.  I felt that I may never ride my bike again in anger, my brain felt like it had changed.
So I got stuck into what I knew. Time to rebuild, hop on the indoor trainer, walk my dog, rest, rebuild and see what came of this without focusing on what I could not do.

This was in April. I spent about 12 weeks moving from indoor trainer to actual road rides, to gravel grinds and to some mtb rides. House sitting for Phil Anderson at Grey River on the Great Ocean Rd gave me some solitude and opportunity to ride my bike every single day rain hail or shine and walk the dogs on...

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My Dirty Secret.

3 Jul 2017

It is 11 am Monday morning.  I have 1hr to write this, well that is my goal!
It's a blog about my bike, it's a dirty secret I have.  I take my road bike on the dirt and I do it deliberately and often. Yes, I have a CX bike, and 3 mountain bikes but this bike...well she is good.

She is Avril the Avail. Available for anything.  
Her birth name is Liv Avail Advanced Pro - what a mouthful!

Earlier this year I had my eyes on adding this versatile bike to the stable.
She has disc brakes and a much comfier riding experience than my racing roadie.
In my mind I was envisaging multi day tours, bike packing, off road gravel grinding style experiences and big days in the saddle. Avril has done it all already.

My alterations were to drop the...

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Being Fit and Able for anything that comes my way

26 Jun 2017

The Story of the Surf Coast Trail Marathon.

Back when I was 16 or 17 I did a 10km fun run around Eastern Gardens, it hurt like hell. But somehow I would go out for for random runs even though I was fairly bad at it. No talent scouts ever tapped me on the shoulder as I plodded my way around the streets of my neighbourhood of Whittington. I was not Lee Troop who was also pounding the pavement at the same time and is only 1 month younger than me.  He ran so good he went to the Olympics and Commonwealth games and his best marathon was a 2:09.  Anyways...I was not a natural lithe runner like Lee!

In fact I was scared of sport believing sport was for people only good enough to represent their country or at best their state. So I found solice...

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Got Saddle Issues?

16 May 2016

The “ladies” saddle to end soreness, chafing, red raw stinging and all that lovely stuff!

My name is Jess Douglas.
I am 43 years old, have given birth in the normal way (need I say more?), have a backside not too generous but the hip bones are sufficiently childbearing.
But more importantly I am a woman that rides bikes, a lot and have done so all my life.

What is the number one issue for women riding bikes, besides comfortable fitting cycling attire?
The Saddle!
It is so important that some people who enjoy the idea of riding bikes do not pursue it due to the pain that comes with saddle soreness.
Some revert to bigger is better, plush and lush, lounge chairs and fluffy woollen seat covers with the hope that something that looks and feels like comfort will infact give a pain free ride.

liv saddle

Avoiding the Victorian Winter with my bike

22 Aug 2016

Thankfully they boarded another plane and he would be due at Milan around about the time I would arrive there and it worked out as perfect as a malfunction can. 

Upon picking Norm up, we made our way to Marone on Lake Iseo to enjoy a few days off, a few rides, a few sleeps, and some maintenance of bikes to get ready for the Feast of Ascension Classic Italian Climbs tour.
The pick up of the crew was done in Venice, and we started our first day with a climb of Monte Grappa, that was hard and hot!

So many climbs, many of them very hot, but still my favourite would have to be Stelvio along with the Sellaronda loop in the Dollamites.
I just love spending time riding my bike and enjoying the hospitality of Italy.


Ten days goes so...

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2016 - The Year of Being Uncomfortable

20 Dec 2016


You might need to take you smart phone to the toilet or read this on your tea break over 2 coffees, much to divulge. Apologies in advance.
In 2006 I started my journey proper on the bike, pushing boundaries to improve my skills and fitness, intrinsically motivated. Yet somehow people were looking on and taking an interest. I have always wondered why and I have come to the conclusion it’s because I tell the truth, I am just an ordinary person that has sucked up my hard times and made them good times. I have succeeded despite my genetics, despite my age or circumstances. I represent the people, not the elite.

Since October this year I have been ‘trying’ to find time to write a blog piece on a few races and life experiences.  That time evaded me for a number of reasons, until now.

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The 2017 Cloudride Bike Packing Experience

8 Jun 2017

Its has been 7.5 weeks since my crash resulting in concussion and memory loss, time off the bike and all that drama at Easter on the Monaro 1000 Cloudride.
My biggest regret is not riding along and giving myself 7 days to complete it, instead rushing in head first trying to smash myself and race it.  
The entire region is amazing, so many pictures I wish I had taken, so many places I wish I had stopped and soaked it in.
To be honest I am not at all excited about writing about it. The ride itself was quite big, consumed a lot of my brain space and events mingled into one.

I have been asked, “Would you do it again?”  My answer is kind of yes, and on the proviso that I promise to enjoy it and literally bike pack it.
My memories are flashes and...

IMG 1091

Mega Miles - 24hr Oppy & GDT16 400km Bikebacking

10 May 2016

But before this, I joined an all female team of 4 riders to do the Oppy 24hr Audax ride.
Despite what you may have heard, 'we did not cheat', we thought we had cleared rules with organisers and apparently there was a dispute and so we were wiped of our 24hr riding record of 600 and something kilometers. But meh...we had a ball!

If you do not know what this ride is, well...nor did I, and I really dont know still, but its 24hrs, ride to a town where everyone is finishing and you do it on roads, and cannot cover the same road – so cannot do loops.
We had never ridden together, Sarah Hammond, Rachel Edwards, Jackie Bernardi and self.
Norm and Jess Varey were in a support vehicle and this is where things got complex and went outside of the Audax boundaries. The “issue” has...

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The 10th Giant Odyssey - 2016 Forrest, The Otways, Victoria, Australia.

25 Feb 2016

​ There was a big race I turned down to attend my 10th Odyssey, it was the World Solo 24hr champs in Rotorua and apparently it was a course the would have suited me..blah blah…

Well back in 2007 I promised myself after hurting a lot on the inaugural Otway Odyssey that I would do every single 100km Odyssey until the event ceased or I did.

So when the dates clashed, it was an easy decision to make.

I love to ride and am better suited to a longer course, like a 100 miler or longer still is even better. This time in 2016, at age 43 I was pretty keen to focus on just one thing.  Do my BEST ever 100km race - Ever. It was also easy to use the splits I had from previous races and also to look at girls from last year and...

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