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Cycling Tour of the Victorian Winter - Day 4, Daylesford to Bendigo

Jul 2021

Cycling Tour of the Victorian Winter - Day 4, Daylesford to Bendigo Yesterday’s winds were hard but not impossible. Hard or difficult, or challenging, can be defined in so many ways. Was our ride challenging because we felt there was little re...

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Cycling Tour of the Victorian Winter - Day 3, Skipton to Daylesford

Jul 2021

Cycling Tour of the Victorian Winter - Day 3, Skipton to Daylesford We had been riding two days, and already we had made minor changes to the route each day to shave off time or distance to get to our destination before dark. Being early July, ...

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Cycling Tour of the Victorian Winter - Day 2, Colac to Skipton

Jul 2021

Cycling Tour of the Victorian Winter - Day 2, Colac to Skipton   The simple joys of riding quaint single lane country roads are what a cyclist lives for—encrusted with lichen that is free to grow due to the lack of traffic. Many of the...

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Cycling Tour in the Victoria Winter - Day 1, Geelong to Colac

Jul 2021

Our last cycling holiday finished on Friday 14th May; 14 days later, the state of Victoria went into its 4th lockdown since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.  Norm and I were relieved, to say the least, that we had managed to get away and...

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Cycling Holiday - Day 5 & 6. Southern Cross Station - Fingal/ Fingal - Geelong

May 2021

In late April, I advised all my coaching clients that I would be winding down my business to take time out, which would be for the indefinite future. Decisions like this to people outside can seem sudden and rash, with little thought or perhaps ev...

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Cycling Holiday - Day 4. Beechworth to Albury

May 2021

Burn out is what I have come to call it. I have had mini-episodes of ‘life fatigue’ and had short breaks to rejuvenate, but oh so quickly because there was always the next metaphorical mountain to conquer. Norm and I achieved so much in the...

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Cycling Holiday - Day 3. Bright to Beechworth

May 2021

Norm and I spent a couple of years on the Gold Coast and had a heap of fun racing bikes on the dirt and the road. We were young, had no money and no real vision of what next week would bring. So it was the perfect time to discuss starting a fa...

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Cycling Holiday - Day 2. Mansfield to Bright

May 2021

Norm and I have a good 31 years of memories together. Thirty of those are since we got married. The one year prior was a whirlwind interstate relationship whilst I finished year 12, and he was in the Navy, posted to HMAS Hobart, which was in refit...

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Cycling Holiday - Day 1. Tallarook to Mansfield

May 2021

  It is not just about the bike, but riding bikes has always been my first true love. The feeling I remember when I learnt how to ride a bike was one of adventure and discovery. Even as I grew older, every bike ride, even if it was to the...

Day 1.7

Are we there yet?

Jul 2020

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? No kids, we are not there yet. But when we will get there? Kids, we will get there when we get there, that's when! When, when? Soon.   We, in Victoria, Australia at least are ‘Not Ther...

are we there yet

Focus you say?

Jul 2020

We work hard, don’t we? Forgive me, this is one blog that flits about a bit. We put in a lot of time, effort and even finances to make things happen in our home life, our sport and our family. As parents or caregivers may also have a habit of pu...

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Grey Hair, Tummy Tucks & Boob Jobs

Jul 2020

Don’t get me wrong, I really like my hairdresser, in fact, she knows I am a no-fuss, in and out 2 to 3 times a year kind of customer. There is also a product she introduced me to, that gave the blonde highlights in my hair a bit of vavoom, without...

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What you want V’s What I want

Jul 2020

Ever wake up with great intent to achieve? Your focus is laser-sharp and with that narrow intense focus. Maybe today your ability to get things done smoothly and enjoyable seems to be a challenge?  Even though you have the best intentions.& ...

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Finding New Purpose in Lockdown

Jul 2020

It is now July 2020. I don’t even know what the rest of the year holds. We are deep in the ‘pandemic’ of COVID-19 here in Victoria, Australia. I partook in a smattering of racing early in the year, won a few road races even. Norm and I were enjo...

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2019 - My year as a trail runner

Nov 2019

Two months ago I was still reminiscing about the fact that I had completed the Surf Coast Century 100km ultra-endurance trail run. It has been a good few years since I let the seed of doing this event plant in my mind.  I never threw the drea...

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Adventure Racing recap & Welcome to 2019

Feb 2019

The last time I dutifully updated my website blog was August 2018. It seems periodically I fall in a writing rut and some sort of catalyst in life saps away all my creative juices. In June my maternal grandmother passed away, it hit me very hard...

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The Making of an Endurance Athlete

Aug 2018

Aug 2018. I have been writing weekly articles for Bicycle Network to assist the Around the Bay athletes get a little bit of a kick up the butt each week with some coaching and motivation and guidance from me! A few weeks ago I wrote this piece on...

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2018 Cloudride Bikepacking mega adventure

Apr 2018

I arrived at Cabramurra at 9:30am Easter Monday. 700 km in with 300 km to go until Canberra. I departed Jindabyne around 2 pm on Sunday after attempting to get my dynamo hub working again with the help of the mechanic at the bike shop. It was...

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Ironman Western Australia - finding my WHY

Dec 2017

It has been a damn long time between blog posts. After a crash I had in the Cloudride with concussion upon hitting a wombat my purpose for doing ‘epic shit’ kind of wavered.  I felt that I may never ride my bike again in anger, my brain fel...

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My Dirty Secret.

Jul 2017

It is 11 am Monday morning.  I have 1hr to write this, well that is my goal! It's a blog about my bike, it's a dirty secret I have.  I take my road bike on the dirt and I do it deliberately and often. Yes, I have a CX bike, and 3 mountai...

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Being Fit and Able for anything that comes my way

Jun 2017

The Story of the Surf Coast Trail Marathon. Back when I was 16 or 17 I did a 10km fun run around Eastern Gardens, it hurt like hell. But somehow I would go out for for random runs even though I was fairly bad at it. No talent scouts ever tapped...

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The 2017 Cloudride Bike Packing Experience

Jun 2017

Its has been 7.5 weeks since my crash resulting in concussion and memory loss, time off the bike and all that drama at Easter on the Monaro 1000 Cloudride. My biggest regret is not riding along and giving myself 7 days to complete it, instead rush...

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2016 - The Year of Being Uncomfortable

Dec 2016

  FOREWORD: You might need to take you smart phone to the toilet or read this on your tea break over 2 coffees, much to divulge. Apologies in advance. In 2006 I started my journey proper on the bike, pushing boundaries to improve my skills...

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Avoiding the Victorian Winter with my bike

Aug 2016

Norm and I returned home from Europe on the 30th July, for me it was after nearly 7 weeks of sunshine, bike rides, looking after other people, sleeping as much as I could and enjoying my time doing something different to the normal grind. Its now...

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Got Saddle Issues?

May 2016

The “ladies” saddle to end soreness, chafing, red raw stinging and all that lovely stuff! My name is Jess Douglas. I am 43 years old, have given birth in the normal way (need I say more?), have a backside not too generous but the hip bones are s...

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Mega Miles - 24hr Oppy & GDT16 400km Bikebacking

May 2016

Much too much to is full and as I would have it, its busy and time is scarce. Let me fill you in. I had a great February, trained and raced really well in the 10th Giant Odyssey. Nothing to complain about there. Back on the bandwag...

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The 10th Giant Odyssey - 2016 Forrest, The Otways, Victoria, Australia.

Feb 2016

​ There was a big race I turned down to attend my 10th Odyssey, it was the World Solo 24hr champs in Rotorua and apparently it was a course the would have suited me..blah blah… Well back in 2007 I promised myself after hurting a lot on the inaug...

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This is not a race report ;)

Jan 2016

There is no doubt I am not alone here, work hard in most parts of my life but put off the small things that end up mattering. Eg: Massage. I need one, but don’t have the time.   Hair. OMG, it is so dry and brittle with grey hairs poking thr...

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24hrs at Stromlo, the most fun you can have in 24hrs!

Oct 2015

Its been 2 weeks since I raced at the Australian 24hr SOLO Mountain bike championships at Mt Stromlo. For most of us that race these events, its not just the body that needs time to recover, its our mental wellbeing, and that means the capacity to...


Red Bull Bushrangers 12hr SOLO fun time at Jubberland

Sep 2015

Red Bull Bushrangers 12hr MTB Enduro at Jubberland, Castlemaine, September 26th 2015.  The short notice of the 12hr race held an appeal for me in many aspects. I had been methodically training since my return from Italy at the start of Ju...


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