This is not a race report ;)

Jan 2016

There is no doubt I am not alone here, work hard in most parts of my life but put off the small things that end up mattering. Eg: Massage. I need one, but don’t have the time.   Hair. OMG, it is so dry and brittle with grey hairs poking thr...

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The Long Awaited Battle with Kate

Sep 2015

The Long Awaited Battle. I had heard it on the grapevine, Kate Penglase was keen to race me before she went off to the WEMBO World Solo 24hr Champs in Weaverville.  We had a 45 min tussle at the Geelong MTB Club No Frills Friday in a handic...

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Shimano XTR M9000 Di2 - The Review

Jul 2015

2015 - Year of the Shimano XTR Di2 upgrade. It was a few months ago now that I was gifted with the 2015 Liv 27.5 Lust Advanced 0 from Giant.  This years colours are to my liking with aqua purple and black giving it a feminine and strong app...


Back from Italy, Straight into winter, jump back into racing and a BIG goal to smash.

Jul 2015

I returned from Italy on the 17th June with 3000kms and 35,000 vert meters in the legs from working on bike tours with Dave and Emma of Top Bike Tours.  The weather was sunny, the roads hilly and the daylight hours long and enjoyable. Of co...

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Euro Adventure for 6 weeks

Jun 2015

The last six weeks spent riding and being a tour guide for Dave and Emma has created memories that will last a lifetime. I have been home 1.5weeks and its time to give you an update on the last 2 tours. Tour of Corsica was so much fun, with th...

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2015 Forrest 6hr & Top Bike Tour of Corsica

May 2015

Nearing the mid point of 2015 already reminds me that even though each day might be full of tasks to achieve, in the end these days go far too quickly and this new age “living in the moment” movement really has some merit.  For if we spend so...

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Could I actually become an Aussie 24hr champion again?

Apr 2015

    Norm and I have been living in Geelong for near on five weeks now…and Life Is Good. Better than its been …forever! If you have been following the things I have been up to, you would know that the past 12-18 months has been a...

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Scott 24hr 2014 - chapter 2

Oct 2014

As we drove from our accommodation to Mt Stromlo I found it really challenging to connect my current existence in the world right now with the fact that in a couple of hours I would be racing a 24hr, for 24 hours! Again, I had this familiar feel...

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Soulful September

Oct 2014

I have had a very memorable September. The month started out with a cold, running nose, breathing that was laboured and that sinus pain behind the eyes. My riding continued and I managed to win the Beechworth Six Hours in The Saddle on the 30th...

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More Sun, Less Rain...Beechworth 6hr

Sep 2014

Even though its just gone Spring, the wintery days are still here and I really don't mind. August 2014 has geniunely been good to me. Instead of training indoors and getting cranky at doing so I spent my days working in the morning, hopping on...

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Liv & Love Winter riding

Aug 2014

Its right in the height of winter, the days are cold, often raining sometime throughout, sometimes frosted so cold overnight I've been waking up with the fog of cold breath sneaking up from under my doona. We have even had snow down here in the Ot...

mornings in forrest

This takes guts...

Jul 2014

I was only telling someone today about my daily relationship with depression. If you were to ask me how long have I have been living with this...I can remember many daily suicidal thoughts, wishing that night I would go to bed and somehow be tak...