Being Fit and Able for anything that comes my way

26 June 2017
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The Story of the Surf Coast Trail Marathon.

Back when I was 16 or 17 I did a 10km fun run around Eastern Gardens, it hurt like hell. But somehow I would go out for for random runs even though I was fairly bad at it. No talent scouts ever tapped me on the shoulder as I plodded my way around the streets of my neighbourhood of Whittington. I was not Lee Troop who was also pounding the pavement at the same time and is only 1 month younger than me.  He ran so good he went to the Olympics

The 2017 Cloudride Bike Packing Experience

08 June 2017
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Its has been 7.5 weeks since my crash resulting in concussion and memory loss, time off the bike and all that drama at Easter on the Monaro 1000 Cloudride.
My biggest regret is not riding along and giving myself 7 days to complete it, instead rushing in head first trying to smash myself and race it.  
The entire region is amazing, so many pictures I wish I had taken, so many places I wish I had stopped and soaked it in.
To be honest I am not at all excited about writing about it. The ride itself was quite big, consumed a

2016 - The Year of Being Uncomfortable

20 December 2016
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You might need to take you smart phone to the toilet or read this on your tea break over 2 coffees, much to divulge. Apologies in advance.
In 2006 I started my journey proper on the bike, pushing boundaries to improve my skills and fitness, intrinsically motivated. Yet somehow people were looking on and taking an interest. I have always wondered why and I have come to the conclusion it’s because I tell the truth, I am just an ordinary person that has sucked up my hard times and made them good times. I have succeeded despite my

Avoiding the Victorian Winter with my bike

22 August 2016
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Norm and I returned home from Europe on the 30th July, for me it was after nearly 7 weeks of sunshine, bike rides, looking after other people, sleeping as much as I could and enjoying my time doing something different to the normal grind.
Its now time to share where I went, who I did it with and the finale that was 4 days in Paris.

Opportunity comes from time to time and its in saying Yes that it becomes real.
David and Emma from Top Bike Tours asked Norm and I to do guiding work for them in 2016, for me

Got Saddle Issues?

16 May 2016
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The “ladies” saddle to end soreness, chafing, red raw stinging and all that lovely stuff!

My name is Jess Douglas.
I am 43 years old, have given birth in the normal way (need I say more?), have a backside not too generous but the hip bones are sufficiently childbearing.
But more importantly I am a woman that rides bikes, a lot and have done so all my life.

What is the number one issue for women riding bikes, besides comfortable fitting cycling attire?
The Saddle!
It is so important that some people who enjoy the idea of riding bikes do not pursue it due

Mega Miles - 24hr Oppy & GDT16 400km Bikebacking

10 May 2016
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Much too much to is full and as I would have it, its busy and time is scarce.
Let me fill you in.

I had a great February, trained and raced really well in the 10th Giant Odyssey. Nothing to complain about there.
Back on the bandwagon pronto and off to work for a week at Mt Buller with a school group.
Hard work but riding and guiding on the mountain was and always is a blessing.

On my return I had 4 weeks to nail the Otway 300 course, so Norm and I spend many spare afternoons and weekends mapping it