Summer makes riding easy!

04 February 2010

Since my last update which was around the 25th Jan, things really havent slowed down...infact they have sped up considerably.

Saskia turned 16 and got her learners permit, thankfully
Norm has been taking her driving. 
She has also gone back to school and started her school based apprenticeship in Fitness.  She has also started pre season netball training and Thursday summer comp netball in Warnnambool. 

So that alone is HUGE. 
NO MORE just yet please!
sas_and_the_harros.jpgOne thing that was totally amazing over the school holidays though, was Saskia went for a MTB ride with the Harringtons and actually had a

Otway Odyssey - February and beyond

19 February 2010

Its Friday - the day before the big opening race for me in 2010, the Rapid Ascent Otway Odyssey .

A sleep in, well until around 7:30am was on the cards. 

Here is my best mate, Soxy Boy, Fatty, Boxy, Fatty Fat Fat...he has many names but he is very cuddly.

bedroom_view.jpgWhen I woke up the sun was shining and the view from my room, spectacular.
Even the chooks and sheep were quiet for me today. Normally they are noisier than living on a main road at 7:30am on a weekday.

We have done all we can to

Otways Odyssey 2010 - Oh crap!

22 February 2010

Otway Odyssey 2010 Race Report

Well that was a toughie if ever there was one!

Here I am at 6:30am ready to race, did I know what was to come?

I knew I was going to hurt. 

I knew I was not in top form...but I just hoped I could pull a trick somewhere!

Initially up the climb, I was not too far back of the lead group, only a minute behind.  Then we entered the private property and I just felt the energy leave my legs.  I wondered how I was going to continue to find anything

Training - week 4 started

23 March 2010

The Otway Odyssey was a great eye opener to where I need to be by October 2010.

Back into proper scheduled training one week later, it is now the beginning of week 4 of building a new and more "sound" base.

My attitude is relaxed and purposeful, ticking off the days with the knowledge that I have done the work needed to work towards the grand goal of the World Solo 24hr MTB Champs in Canberra in 2010.

Giant and De Grandi's are really coming on board with great support and belief in me.
Jet Black Products are also excited and continue to back

Why on earth does time go by so quickly these days...

04 May 2010

Why on earth does time go by so quickly these days..
It was only last week I updated this website and now its like nearly 4 weeks later - what the?

After the SOLO 24hr champs at Easter, I made the decision not to go to the Australian Marathon Champs at Avoca.  I seriously could not be bothered with more logistics of travel and accommodation.
Great decision by me - did a road race at Geelong Cycling Club on the Saturday and social ride with Ben, Norm and Peter at Forrest on the Sunday, followed by movie, dinner and coffee with many peeps in the