Back from Italy, Straight into winter, jump back into racing and a BIG goal to smash.

03 July 2015
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I returned from Italy on the 17th June with 3000kms and 35,000 vert meters in the legs from working on bike tours with Dave and Emma of Top Bike Tours.  The weather was sunny, the roads hilly and the daylight hours long and enjoyable.

Of course my return came with the onset of winter here in Australia and the winter solstice too, the shortest day in our year.  

Norm and I returned to Melbs at 5:20am on a Wednesday morning, after losing 8hrs and basically one nights sleep I thought life would be not too bad, head out for

Euro Adventure for 6 weeks

29 June 2015
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The last six weeks spent riding and being a tour guide for Dave and Emma has created memories that will last a lifetime.

I have been home 1.5weeks and its time to give you an update on the last 2 tours.

Tour of Corsica was so much fun, with the beginning of summer about to start it was a perfect introduction to managing a group, driving overseas and riding on roads in not so great condition.

11140366 10152792573381003 7395165029518702837 nWe arrived back in Marone for a week to clean bikes, catch up on sleep and ride as much as I had free time.

2015 Forrest 6hr & Top Bike Tour of Corsica

17 May 2015
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Nearing the mid point of 2015 already reminds me that even though each day might be full of tasks to achieve, in the end these days go far too quickly and this new age “living in the moment” movement really has some merit.  For if we spend so much time planning and preparing and ticking off boxes to achieve the next thing…we have lost the moment that is today.

10995439 10152770668766003 4042567100685909980 nMy todays will soon be memories of 2015 and today I am sitting on a ferry from Ajaccio (Corsica) to Nice, with 5.5hrs to kill and no internet I chose to

Could I actually become an Aussie 24hr champion again?

30 April 2015
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Norm and I have been living in Geelong for near on five weeks now…and Life Is Good.

Better than its been …forever!

If you have been following the things I have been up to, you would know that the past 12-18 months has been a little crazy, ups and downs all over the place, busy with our businesses, not really able to settle into a happy place within myself, yet continuing on regardless because thats how you get stuff done.

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We are now at the end of April 2015 and I can look back at what I have

Times of Change

31 March 2015
spa ride with friends

Its been ages, the longest break yet since I have felt like writing.

There is so much to let you know…and if you have ever lost the passion for riding and racing your bike, perhaps you might understand?

Since December, since the Forrest Festival and then going to Mt Buller the very next day, its been on 110%, well its been on since well before then. 
I do not want to spend too much time tonight going into great depths of my daily stresses, except to say I am working my way out of it, the feeling of not being able

The future looks BRIGHT!

19 November 2014

Since winning the Scott 24hr back in September I have not been idle, just on the blog front!

I often get asked how long does it take to recover from a 24hrs, well I am always back on the bike as soon as I can, but it feels like my brain and legs don't align. Brain says ride hard, legs feel laboured, not sore, but below par.

So on that note, I just do not know how Jason English won the Scott 24hr one week, then 2 weeks later won the WEMBO 24hr Champs in Scotland!
I did watch that with