You Yangs Stage Race & Race Dev. Squad

The weekend started with taking a skills course at Upper Beaconsfield at the Dallas Brooks Scout camp trails.  It was wet and cold, but we had a lot of fun.

I took the beginner group and they nailed some hairy downhills and sucessfully negotiated lots of logs. Very impressed.

Left home Saturday morning from Forrest at 6:30am and got back to Forrest around 6:30pm.  Big day.


Sunday we packed up and left for the You Yangs as GMBC were holding a winter club series race in the form of a 3 stage event.  

A ITT, XC and Crit.  Norm and I were also meeting up with a group of our MTBSkills Race Development Squad.

larger file YOu Yangs.JPG

The format was awesome, tough, but fun.

I dont think anyone finished the time trial with comments such as,"that was easy".  Everyone was coughing up a lung for hours to come.

time trialNormie on the Berm on Cressy 

The XC race was the best fun in my opinion, the downhill was awesome and we were all talking about how many opportunities there were to jump and just flow, flow, flow...the course had a tough climb but the rest was SOooooooooooooo fun!

Berm on CressyNorm jumping on Cressy 

The Crit was tough, as I was in A grade with people like James Maebus there was no chance of me NOT getting lapped, just a matter of when.  I lasted 10 minutes out of the 15 before being lapped.

The beginnings of the RDS were in attendance and all had a great time and were very supportive of each other...well done.

Thank you Phil the Spill for your support too.  

Awesome job Geelong MTB club, keep it coming! 

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