You Yang's 6 hour enduro

Jess You Yangs race Had a fun day at the You Yang's on Sunday 4th May.  The weather was fine, and I was racing mixed pairs.  There was no way I was interested in racing SOLO at the Youies, knowing full well that it would be a tough course for anyone in any category.

Joined up with James Walker, who has just won the Expert Men Vic XC series and was happy to have a fast partner to make up for me!  Our competition was Erica Gurner and Russell Collet, and we made them work hard for it all day as our times were not that far behind them.  At the end of the day we came 2nd and most of all had fun.

Check out the Geelong Mountain Bike Club website for more details. 

norm the metro sexual Norm started out solo, seeing what he would be capable of with minimal training and how long it would be before he would call it a day.  From memory he was able to do 7 laps, impressive given the lack of training in those legs!  It was cramps that killed the day, naughty boy made a 700ml bidon last the first 3 laps, did not stop at transition for anything.  That will be enough to ruin anyone's day.

Thankfully his bad management of self proved to be useful as Adam Kelsall had a mechanical that would have had him pull out of the race.  But with Norm's bike becoming available, Adam was able to use this and finish the race.  Not only that, but Norm decided that he would like to be a bit more social and get out there with our digital camera and take some video footage of the rest of the day.  Stay tuned for more at upcoming races, he is going to intereview people and put the footage on You Tube after every race he attends.


Thanks Shelley McColl for taking the nice snaps of Norm and I in this blog. 

Everyone was in a great mood on the weekend for sure, I have never seen so many smiles and people open for a chat.  Can you believe I was having to say, "go to go and get ready, cant talk!"

See you at Chase the Sun. 


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