Where to from here?

Its just on 2 weeks since the Scott 24hr in Canberra and I have been back on the bike doing some 2hr "social" mountain bike rides to get back my legs and mojo.

I suspect next week I will start to get back on the roadie and do some specific training again.

So where to from here?

Normally I would have been racing the Surf Coast 6hr at Anglesea this weekend and smash myself to ensure I won it, but being 1 year smarter than 2008, I have learnt my lesson and will recover properly and this will enable me to train more specifically.

However, I am still going to be there for all my friends and fellow riders to be on the other side of support for a change and I am looking forward to it.

Next on the racing agenda would have been the Kona 24 hr on the 28-29th November,  in my home town of Forrest.  A fun and very friendly event, this would normally signal the end of the year and time to rest up for a couple of weeks.  But once again, being smarter and being a bit more goal orientated this year, what am I going to prove to myself by fitting in yet another 24hr race in 2009?  I plan on hanging out at the event Saturday until around 9pm - heading off to bed and driving to Melbourne the next day for some StKilda CC road crits instead, drive back and be there in time to check out the finish.

So what am I doing instead?

December 5th & 6th - Tour of Bright.  Hills, road racing, time trial.  All the stuff I am not good at and I am an unknown in the roadie world, so this will give me a chance to train without expectation.

Jan 2010 - Bay Crits. Head into Geelong and do the Bay Crits series for some fast paced, sub 1hr max efforts.  For some great training and something totally different to mountain biking!

Jan 09 - National Open Road championships at Bunningyong. More of the same.  Hills, Hurt and staying with the bunch as long as I can. Surviving the attacks and smashing up some hills.  Just to finish the 10lap circuit will be a pat on the back and a step up.

From here, I will work up to improving my time and position at the Otway Odyssey.  Each year since it started I have moved up in the finish line positions, so 2010 instead of coming 7th, 4th would be awesome!

So we will see if some road racing cant toughen me up some huh?