What would Jesus do?

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Regardless of your faith, or lack of - history was recorded of there being an amazing man, Jesus, who walked this earth.

Regardless of how you think this world came around, people found great comfort in this guy called Jesus, who claimed to be the son of God.


Yes, I am a Christian and I am here to tell you that whilst I praise Jesus, I believe that my faith gives me great strength in my relationships with others, friends, acquaintances & the world in general.


Its a simple way of living and yes, the Bible tells you also to Love thy neighbour, Love thy enemy, Do unto others as you would have done unto you etc..etc...and these are so simple.


The world is not as complex as we think. We are all just people waking up each day hoping to be loved, hoping to have meaningful encounters with others, wanting to be treated just and fairly and understood without judgement.


If we forgive more often, try to see the world from another persons perspective, let go of bitterness and resentment, turn jealousy into genuine admiration for our fellow human being, find something good in every person you meet, express your love to those closest to you, let go of judgements that lock you into a certain belief.

This is where my question comes in - “What would Jesus do?”

He would risk being ostracised and see the good in a criminal, he would sit and talk to the street beggar, he would forgive you for your wrong doings and let you start your day fresh and invigorated.

Imagine life every day...fresh, new, invigorated for life?

You dont have to be a Christian to have this, its there right now.


Just LOVE more, RESENT less, find it in your heart to FORGIVE, remember that you are not perfect so why do expect PERFECTION from others?...and PAY FORWARD your blessings, what good are they in a safe keeping chest all tucked away for your use only?


It could be as simple as your roses are in full bloom and you have so many of them you dont need your whole garden to be blooming for a few days and then they are gone. Cut a massive bunch and give them to your mum, your best friend and you will have put a smile in their heart and you have passed on your blessings.



My Testimony in brief.


How did Jess Douglas become a Christian?

21 years ago I met Norm, we got married 20 years ago and had our daughter Saskia 18 years ago.

I was 18 and Norm was 21 at the beginning of all of this. The year was 1991.

There was always a sense in me that I was searching for God's heart.

Norm had been baptised a Mormon, and when he told me all about the church and they rules and regulations, I knew that God was easier than that, why would he put up barriers to seek his heart?


As time passed in our marriage, we were constantly tested, until the point where I was planning on leaving Norm. Life together had become sour, we were no longer working together towards our life together, we were living together but not for each other.

It wasn't until one huge explosion occurred that we decided our marriage was worth every piece of hard work ahead.

Norm had started drinking more and more...and I started getting out of the house to avoid being around him. He wasn't a destructive drunk, just a reclusive and bitter man who became an alcoholic all too easily and I certainly contributed to that by leaving him on his own to do so.

These things dont happen overnight and take years to become visible.

On this one night in October around 9 years ago, I got to see the side of Norm I had been dreading. Thankfully the next morning, I awoke from the spare bedroom and Norm came to the kitchen not with anger and arguments, but with regret and a solution.

Norm told me he has was an alcoholic and was going to AA tonight and he was never drinking again.

I was amazed that I had not seen it, and it was all so clear now.

So Norm went to AA and never drank again.

But here is what worked! Norm met a guy who became a mentor and a friend who shared with him his testimony. The only way the desire for the drink would leave would be to pray, to ask God to take the desire away, to “hand it over”. Tell God you can no longer handle this on your own, you need his help.

Long story short, we went to Church at Barrabool Hills Baptist Church that next week, and we have never looked back.



How does this fit into my life today?

My greatest FEAR as you would know from my story the other day, is hard work!

I love getting my hands dirty out in the garden, or riding my bike for 24hrs, or training 7 days a week.

Its the hard work associated with BIG PICTURE things, the real reason I am here on this earth.

I know God would not give me anything I cant handle and that there is much more good in store.

Its safe to say that life is not really tough at all, its just life!


So I ask myself daily...”what would Jesus do?”

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