What have I been up to you ask...?

Since my last posting I have been a bit dismal.

A cold found its way inside my being and has done me in for 3 weeks and this is my fourth. Feeling better, sick to death of blowing my nose, hard to breath with a high HR, but definitely on the mend. YAY!

So apart from illness, I have attemtped to be diligent in my racing and training, it is hard for me to practice what I preach sometimes when there are so many expectations from those around me.

For the first time in a while I did not really want to race or ride my bike.  I rocked up to Castlemaine 6 hour mtb enduro totally underdone mentally and of course physically due to my cold and just not feeling 100%.  Committed none the less to just doing it, started out great and in front, but just could not and did not want to sustain this effort for 6 hours.  Had a fall on the bike, lost my mojo, called it quits and then remounted to finish 4th in the end.  Oh well, did I learn anything?  I suppose, in this circumstance I should have started a few back in the field and found my groove that way instead of burning out and hating the experience.

Well done to Lee who came 2nd and of course Kim who came 1st.  Oh and Ali who came 3rd. Good work girls on a great day and fantastic course.

The following weekend we had our RDS squad in Forrest for 2 nights and 2 days of riding, eating, taking and some sleeping in there somewhere!  Great fun on Friday night with 12 sets of lights meandering down the trails of 4, 5 and 6 in Forrest. 

The next day we did a skills session on Marriners run and of course those who had never ridden it before were in love!  Promising to come back for more.



We even had a ITT and then a Handicap.  Well done Lee for winning and Jezza for some decent competition. 

Norm held a fantastic maintenance session on Sat night and then on Sunday a social MTB or Social Road ride were on offer. 

Well, the heavens let loose and the rain and hail fell with intensity that I have not seen in a long time.  I had to steal David Lacey's car to pick up the road riders and Norm and his gang were very very dirty with mud, head to toe.

It was a great weekend and now I am feeling refreshed thanks to the wonderful group of people who attended the weekend.  Thanks, while you may think you got a lot from us, I too got a lot from you!

So now we are heading onto the weekend with a Forrest ALL day MTB Skills course on Saturday, fingers crossed for the weekend.

Then an epic ride to Wye River and back on Sunday.

Will update soon with more pics and more fun things to talk about.