Wembo World Solo 24hr MTB champs - Finale Ligure "today is the the day"


Time to head off.

Its race day.

I slept by myself last night and kept revisiting my race in my sleep.

It was so exciting, I am so relaxed, its all just a great day waiting to be had.

In all the excitement of it all, I do have to remind myself whether I be racing le Tour de France or the Wembo World solo 24hr champs in Finale Ligure...it is just a race where I have worked hard to be a contender.

Its a day in my life that I must cherish and remember with acute memories and really soak up every finite detail.

Life is short, days go fast, opportunities to enrich ones life are often taken for granted.

Today I promise myself to not take my life, my opportunities, my talents, my passion and those that believe in me for granted.

That is my mantra for today and tomorrow.

Let the race begin. xx