Week 5 - travelling well

It is into week 5 now since falling ill and having 2 weeks off the bike.  Spending last week in Bright doing 200km on MTB riding was awesome for my aerobic base on the bike again.  Still feeling a bit slow, but feeling good on the bike.  I have also completed session 2 of my 4 week track block at DISC.  Thouroughly enjoying the experience.  Learning the gearing and understanding that, how to change sprockets and front chainrings, tension of the chain etc...not hard but definately another learning curve for me.  Then there is the track.  DISC has some steep banks on the corners and is all wood.  Oh yeh and I have not really had the experience of riding a fixed wheel.  I have not had much trouble remembering this however - YET!

The scariest experience yet has been doing a practice scratch race and knowing where everyone is, who is making the move, how do I weave my way through the group, sprinting without losing my wheels losing contact with the track and eventually not dying too soon.

Week 1, 1000mt pursuit.  Week 2, 2000mt pursuit.  This is a hard one to know how to pace yourself, but I am enjoying it.  Will update how things go next week.  

All this will is part of a great base/general preparation for some upcoming races.   

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