We are in Canmore!

Photobucket So we arrived at Canmore finally for the World 24 Hour Solo Championships .  As I write this it is Monday morning and I am finally feeling pretty decent.
Yesterday I was crazy tired and felt so hungover.
After a great sleep last night we are off for a little ride along the river and a coffee today.
Alicia Evans picked us up from the bus drop off. Good old Aussie, Geelong girl come Canmore local showed us around the place and took us for a drive to the Nordic Centre where the race is being held.
Then checked in at 4pm, shower and had a one hour catch up sleep before heading out to the local supermarket.  I am finding it so hard to work out what food I want to buy, the stuff is a bit different here.  For example, finding the yoghurt I like, well, thats near impossible, spreadable butter...well hows margarine for you?  LSA(linseed, sunflower, almond) I am yet to find.  The muesli's are weird, or should we say granola's. 
Oh and there is this stuff called Cheez Wizz....apparently its awesome on anything, including a fuel source back up for your car!


Then there is a food source called Angel food cake, Is it Pavlova? or is it Sponge cake?  Too scared to find out.


One plus is, you can buy gigantic amounts of berries for next to nothing.  I mean 1kg tubs of blueberries, raspberries or strawberries for $6!  I am going to be very healthy and full of good anti oxidants by the end of my stay.  Out to buy a cheap blender today so I can have smoothies for breakfast everyday.

There are bears out too, and a moose as well.  The hills are big!  The views are terrible - not!
oh and there is a train line behind us, we have the Railroad Retreat suite.  So during the day, barely a sound or train goes by, however at night, I think there were possilby 5 freight trains during the night and very very long and noisy, but I reckon I can get used to it, vey soothing in fact.

Photobucket Adam and Kirstin arrived last night from their road trip from Vancouver to Canmore.  Apparently their van is a bit stinky, but I am yet to find out or want to find out more to the point.  We went out for dinner last night and checked out some local stuff.


So today I am hanging out for a ride, legs need to unwind and I love the fact that we are in summer with sunshine and warmth.  We left Forrest in the cold, the last few weeks full of rain and cold and a never ending fireplace running.  Poor peoples back in Victoria...I am enjoying summer here in Canmore.

After our adventures today I will give you an update on the course, some more pics and local info.  


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