Updates from Forrest and beyond...

I had a great week last week on the bike.

Up into the clouds

My new favourite training route was discovered!

I leave home from Forrest, ride mostly uphill for 17kms then turn right into Turtons Tk, the best road for riding EVER! and then ride through Beech Forrest onto Lavers Hill, through Glenaire and Cape Otway down to Apollo Bay and back up again.

 Gen  Gen at T.Track  Jess and Gen

Genevieve came along to sample this ride on Friday, it rained, we rode in clouds, and we got drenched...which called the day shorter than planned with Norm picking us up part way up the hill climb from Skenes Ck.

Looking down into the hills from Cape Otway area  Towards Lavers Hill

110km of pure heaven on a road bike.  I have never felt so happy to be out on my bike regardless of the weather conditions...I was oblivious to any hill climbs and was on top of the world!  Thanks Gen for having exactly the same mind set as me on the day...any normal sane human being would have turned around at Lavers Hill and headed back the way we came.  Thank you to the local who gave us the heads up on the so called "clearer weather about 4kms on"....yeh right!  4kms later we were drenched...no matter!

Saturday I was lucky enough to share a part of this with Steve from GMBC.  We rode almost to Beech Forrest and rode back to Forrest with so much downhill it was scary. About 5km out Steve got me to sit on and we were cruising along around 65kmph and I had to stay about 1mt or more back from his wheel or else I was being sucked past him at a rate of knots.  Steve agreed about this being Gods country and worth the effort.

So we got back to Forrest at 10:45am...just in time for me to change over shoes and bikes to catch up with Michael, Kim and Amy.  We did trails 4,5 & 6 and then repeated number 4 and had a blast.  There was mud everywhere with the tracks being wet and slippery from all the rain.

Afterwards we rode to Red Carpet and checked out the dam area and it was so fun to see Kim, Michael and Amy have such a good time.  Poor Amy's legs were shaking and she couldnt stand up off her seat much more...but smiles all round.

I heard from Michael on Monday night that he could not stop thinking about the ride since.  Gotta love MTB 'ing!




Sunday Norm and I took the Race Dev. Squad out for some skills training at the You Yangs.  busy Busy!  There were only 7 of us, but the You Yangs was like Bourke St.  Had a great day and had some awesome success with the crew.

Today, being Wednesday 2nd July, and wind blowing a gale...but no rain, I am heading out on an Epic from Forrest through the back of Lorne, Aireys, Anglesea and back to Torquay on the MTB on Dirt roads, 4wd tracks and single track.  Should be about 80km.  Will fill you in when I get back tonight and upload some pics!


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