Training week 2 - April "wet and windy"

I survived the first week and feel good for it.  I am yet to get back into racing but am enjoying the slow progress back into health.  Well..sort of!

I have continued to incorporate some running and strength work, especially on the core.  Oh, and lots more stretching and nothing too long and epic.

...that is until Jeff Fox, Local MTB guru here in Forrest said he was going for a road ride on the weekend.  Well I was in.  Norm hates road riding and no one else here in Forrest rides a road bike.  We left Sunday morning at 8:30am.  A little on the cold side so dressed appropriately.  Leaving Forrest, you pretty much start climbing up into the clouds.  Literally.  Wow, I was in awe.  The scenery was wonderful and the hills were amazing.  Our first proper decent into Skenes Ck was met with some fierce westerly wind gusts that slowed me down signifcantly for fear of being blown off the road, but after that the rest was pure heaven.

Views of the ocean and suddenly we are down into Skene's Ck, heading to Lorne.  I have never ridden this section of the Great Ocean Road so had a great time soaking it all in.  In no time at all we were at Lorne, time for a coffee stop and a bit of food.  I think by the time we were back on our bikes again it was 11:45am.  Within 5 minutes we were climbing up to Benwerrin, a 11km long gradual climb through rain forest and green pastures as we followed the gradually descending undulations into Deans Marsh.  I must admit I stopped in Deans Marsh for some feel good COKE, the full version.  Now we had a direct head wind that stopped us in our tracks on flat country roads to 16kmph.  Home at 1pm, 120km later, what an awesome day!  I will be doing this one again soon.

Yesterday, spent some time on some strength work again with a run and 2 sprint efforts of a mini race course Norm and I have devised on our local trails.  Lucky to get that in whilst is was 24 degrees and sunny outside as today the winds are up and the rain is on.

Saturday I am racing the 30km leg of the Xterra race in Daylesford with a team.  FUN!  Then on Sunday I am doing session 1 of a 4 week block of track training at DISC.  My goal is to enter the MASTERS games later on this year in track events.  I will let you know how i go.

One more thing, I have taken my 14 year old daughter, Saskia, out twice this week on the MTB, and she is really warming to it.  Slowly slowly....heres hoping! 

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