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It is the first week of April and the only reason I am here writing this is that the weather is BAD outside and it is not safe either.  The wind is really strong and I am watching tall gums bend in the force of the wind.  The power has already gone off twice today as well.

Friday I helped run a fun event for the Forrest MTB club.  It was so good to see the youth of Forrest have fun on their bikes. We had a ITT/Handicap event.  This was a good start to see where everyone was at and to allow us to grade them for the next event this Friday 4th April.  Norm entered and was off Scratch much to his displeasure.  I was almost going to hold him back an extra 30 seconds.  End result was that he came in 4th overall, but his Individual time was "1 second" slower than the fastest rider on the day.  He was a little shattered at this and also very stuffed at the end as it was a 13 minute sprint effort.

Saturday we had all day at Lysterfield taking MTB skills courses.  Thank goodness the weather held up ok, we had bits of rain and wind, but nothing to serious.  We had a big hiccup of locking keys in the car, but nothing RACV couldnt sort out for us.  Got home at 9pm that night and hit the pillow by 10pm.  totally stuffed!

Sunday was my totally awesome riding with Jeff Fox from Forrest to Lorne and over to Deans Marsh and home again.  A magnificent and very rewarding 120km road ride.  It occurred to me that I really have missed my road bike.  This is my second road ride since Feb 1st this year, thats 8 weeks and only about 200km on the road bike.  No wonder I am suffering!

Monday was a good rest day, it rained and rained all day. 

Tuesday, 24 degrees.  Weights, core work, run, sprint sessions on the MTB, nice and refreshing.

Wednesday, today.  Not cold, just windy and raining.  Don't think I will get out, but might do some windtrainer work.

Thursday back to Ergo session with Donna, need to do some more of this! ...and hopefully a road ride if the weather is ok.

Friday back to the fun MTB event in Forrest.  My daughter and her friends are going to give the boys a run for their money and are looking forward to racing.  Norm has a score to settle.  Me, well I am just going to help run and time it and have some fun.

Saturday, doing the XTERRA, but only the 30km MTB leg in a team. Woo hoo, no swim.  This is going to be fun.

Sunday, Track training session at DISC from 2-5pm.  This is going to be fun, and different.  Looking forward to it.

Then Monday 7th-Saturday 12th April, I will be in Bright doing Level 2 MTB tour guide course.  Hope the weather stays reasonable. Might get cold and wet up there. 

Life is good, hope everyone has a great time at Beechworth at the S.H.I.T.S.  Go Christy!  Go ROOEWE and Pink BITS!

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