Track Cycling and more

I have lost count of the weeks that have passed since I felt like death.  I think it is 5, so it is good to be back on track.  Last week I had an awesome ride at the BMC classic and followed it up with a sensible week of training.  One day of strength, a 5km run, 2 x 1 hour MTB rides, 1 x 125km road ride, 1 ergo session doing some painful pursuit training, and one leisurely flat ride of around 50km.  Then on Sunday 27th April I got to attend the final 3 hour block of training I have been doing on the track at DISC.  It finally came together and I was able to keep up and attack and go again!  It felt great.  Taking it easy has a lot going for it...I have finally learnt my lesson, even when you feel awesome, take it easy and keep your training short, sharp and purposeful and get plenty of sleep and eat well.  I will try and race on the track now and get involved in some more training sessions.  It is really fun and I would recommend to anyone to give it a go.

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