Townsville Dam Dark 12, 7 Peaks challenge & Forrest Festival...busy November


November 2011 has been a very busy month for me on the bike, albeit not all racing.

As I run mountain bike skills sessions on a regular basis, the month consisted of running these at my home trails in Forrest, Victoria as well as in Townsville, Qld.


Not only was I running skills clinics I also spent 2 days filming for Tourism Victoria a promotional film advertisement for the 7 Peaks Challenge.


Spending 2 days located at Mt Buller riding my Giant Anthem with full XTR components, being filmed for ads that will be run whilst SBS cycling central is on, as well as web based media and some print media too.

There was also a bit of a theme to the Mt Buller filming which was a challenge for me to ride the XC downhill orientated trail to the bottom whilst Simon Gerrans (formerly Sky, now Green Edge) rode up the road climb. Aim was to see who was quickest.

We did have some fun filming and it was easily more exhausting than racing for 2 days straight!


After 2 days at Buller I was off to Townsville to run the courses and then race the local 12hr event, that started at 6pm and finished at 6am.

Racing with locals Christine Cocker and 2010 Australian Open Road Female champion, Ruth Corset, this was more about fun and some fast laps.

We won our category and came 4th overall.


Exhausted, I arrived back home to prepare for the Inaugural Forrest Festival.

marriners run_forrest_festival

A 2 day, 4 stage mountain bike event, held in my home town of Forrest in Victoria.

With the elite female field consisting of Tory Thomas and Becky Mates, I knew it would be close and hotly contested.

Stage 1 was a short XC style race, 40mins long, I finished 2 seconds behind Tory and Becky.

Stage 2 was a timed climb, which I won very convincingly.

Stage 3 was a timed descent and I came 3rd in this race.

The next day was the big stage, with 50km of single track, I was looking forward to winning this stage and seeing if I could grab back 30 seconds off Becky and increase the 9 second lead I had on Tory. I had worked out my stratergy and knew I had to get out front in the start, make the climb 1st and of course enter the first technical single track section well ahead.

I pulled it off and won that stage by nearly 5 minutes taking out the lead for the event.

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