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During the CHASE THE SUN series at Lysterfield, I got to meet Genevieve Clark from TORQ Australia from an introduction through Rob Faull.  Since then I have been buying various TORQ products to give me energy and assist with my whole nutrtion package for racing MTB, road and whilst training in general on a daily basis. 

Most recently I have used these products listed below in the Kona 24 Hour on December 1st and 2nd 2007.  More importantly, I came 1st in SOLO FEMALE.


My nutrition plan was simple:

  1. Keep   hydrated with an energy drink that supplies all essential minerals etc…as   well as energy
  2. Keep   eating solid foods
  3. Avoid   cramping at all costs
  4. No   hunger flats or “bonking”

I found the Gels to be really good tasting. They actually tasted like the fruit stated on the label. There is a lot in a tube, so you need a long fire trail section to consume it, but defiantly get a lot of value for your money in one tube.

  In my drink bidons, I used a LEMON, PINK GRAPEFRUIT & the NATURAL energy powders.  I made sure that each lap I had a different flavour to break up the monotony of drinking the same flavour for 24 hours.  The natural one has a slight sweet aftertaste that is the maltodextrin, but is just like drinking water but with the energy content.  The Lemon and Pink Grapefruit and ‘zingy’ & do not leave you with heartburn or a sick feeling that some of the electrolyte drinks can do.  Better still they are colour free & do not stain bottles or get sticky if you spill some.

As part of my maintenance throughout the race and in the recovery phase I portioned out very minute amounts to be added to my recovery drink every 3 to 4 hours.  The carnitine assists in converting body fat into energy.  Prolongs endurance & increases aerobic power


Glutamine supports the immune system, prevents muscle breakdown and accelerates recovery.  I have also used to Ribose before and this is excellent as a “pick me up” in late stages of the race used in your bidon with energy drink.


The banana and mango flavour is really palatable and very smooth.  Just mix with water and you have instant recovery drink.  Carbs, muscle repair goodies and protein gives just what it states, “recovery”.  For me, I have found that after having this, I have the brain power and energy at the end of a race to pack up without feeling too tired or irritated. 


Contact: Genevieve Clark Ph: 03 9775 1155 

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