The week that was- rain hail and snow!

 Liz Jess and Matt(Liz, Jess and Matt near the quarry off Kaanglang Rd, mud splattered faces!)


The weekend started off great.  You Yangs on Saturday for an all days Skills session for MTB Skills.  Cold, but definately a sunny day with no wind and NO rain!  After the session we went for a ride with Mary and Steve, totally fun to finish off the day of work.

Got home, tidied up and got ready for day 2, Kids skills and a private session at Forrest.  More nice weather and a great day riding.

All last week I had been planning on doing some awesome road rides in the coming week of 7th-11th July...but alas the long term weather forecast had me wondering what I was going to be doing.  There was rain, hail, snow and wind forecasted.  Looks like a week on the trainer and MTB is on the cards!

Monday I managed some work at home, a massage and a XTraining session at the gym.
Tuesday I got in a strength program working on power and muscular imbalances.
Tuesday PM had Steve and Jodie and their treasures, Thea and Brad, visit and went for a late arvo MTB thrashing for 50 mins or so.  A great hit out!
Wednesday,  Lizzie had stayed the night and Norm, Matt, Liz and me went for a bit of a 3 hour MTB XC tour of Yaugher trails, came home for snacks and rest then hit the trails for a 1 hour night ride along the slippery and totally wild Red Carpet trail.  What a hoot, with mud splatters everywhere!
Thursday there was snow apparently up in Lavers Hill, the water was switched off in Forrest due to pipe works, so we decided that seeming there was no chance to wash clothes or have a shower we would have lunch in Apollo Bay and drive to Torquay.  Liz checked out some properties and then we went for movie and dinner at Barking Dog with Geelong MTB club.
Friday, was supposed to be the MEGA road ride but with weather being stupid all week we called it off and went for an Adventure instead!  Matt took us on some trails to link in some others that I knew about and we got totally covered in mud.  We all had our near misses and offs, but soft landings were had with the damp and muddy ground.

Liz at Lake Elizabeth   Matt at the creek crossing

Our ride whilst only 20km long took us 2.5 hours, with a lot of uphills and slow riding through mud and obstacles such as creeks and downhills with fallen trees across.  I totally loved this kind of riding, a day where most people would be keen to sit in front of the fire.  But instead we headed out and enjoyed the fresh air and wonderful environment.  Matt and I will be heading out again soon for some more exploration of our backyard.  (Matt is the Smoothie Pedaller that you may have seen at music and other festivals including Otway Odyssey etc...)

Have a great weekend!  Jess  

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