The week that was...

Today is Tuesday and I have spent the day at home.  Lovely.  Never under estimate the value of a day at home. 

Thursday I spent the day doing things that needed doing for my bikes, and my final session of Boot Camp in Geelong.  Nandos' with a few Boot Camp friends and then off to Melbourne to stay at Liz's.

Liz and Jess  nice trails  liz demonstrating style

Friday morning we were off on our Yarra Trails ride. Went to theVegie Bar for lunch and did over 50km of fun riding including some Kamikazee style riding through Collins St at lunch time.  The kangaroos at Lysterfield are nothing compared to human beings in suits at 12:30pm on a Friday.

Friday night, off to cycle coaching course at DISC 6-9pm.

Saturday 9-6pm more time in lectures from 9-6pm.  Staying at Grandmas, sleep!

Sunday - repeat above.  Drive to Liz's, stay night.

Monday- drive to You Yang's for social ride.  A great day, overcast a bit cold, great for MTB riding.  15 kms into it, poor Phil had a spill.

Phil the Spill  ouch!

The group was great and we sorted Phil out. We had to bury him at the Stockyards car park with all the toilet paper poo piles, but at least the ground was soft and pre fertilized.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy life!  Sleep in if you can...the weather is shyte. 


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