The week that still is...

I have been back home since Sunday 6th December.  Today is Thursday 17th December.
What have I been doing?

After the wonderful weekend in Bright, beautiful weather and magnificent riding, I have been re-inspired to get out on the bike.
Still no "specific" training, I would call it a hefty base.  I think I am up for a circum-navigation around the world on bike.  Brad, if you read this, your bike treks are inspirational!
one day...when I am 40 perhaps...

Freshly primed hill legs had me doing Hill Repeats with the MTB bootcamp group at the You Yangs on Tuesday, it was fun right?
Wednesday 9th even better, with a ride over the range and down to pick up Phil at skene's Ck, a sensational ride through to Lorne, coffee and a great 10km climb out of Lorne, through Deans marsh into a westerly wind and back home to Forrest.  Poor Phil had to ride the 22km climb by himself back home to Skenes.

Finally a massage on Thursday from "the man" Bengt Carlson, Oh I needed it.

Then Friday, the end of the week for some, the beginning of my working week really.
To get into Colac, I rode the mountie in via dirt roads, only 29km away.  Met the Forrest MTB womens group and did some more hills on the dirt just out of Colac.
1.5hrs later, I have to face up to the Junior boys and their dads for some serious hill repeats.  A nice hill of 5km at around 3% but we did some nasty repeats that had me wishing I had a postie bike with a motor!
Having not eaten since 3:30pm, it did not take any convincing to agree to some pizza at la porcheta.  4 slices later I was well satisfied.

Total rest day Saturday.  Sleep in, nana nap and an early night.  Prepare for the course on Sunday.

Sunday 13th December.  MTB skills course at the You Yangs.  Great people, great riding, great skills.  I always have fun doing this.small_giant.jpg



Then off to time Zone for some adult fun doing all the ticket games, shooting hoops, trying to dance on arrows, riding race horses, trying to steer and accelarate a Pod on a Star Wars game...I was sweating.time_zone.jpg
Now comes the final reward for the weekend. Mmmm....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....Parkers Steak Restaurant with some of the crew.
parkers.jpgGive me more..NOW!
We did not get home until around midnight, it was a crazy weekend.




Monday is normally a rest day for me, not this week.
Off to catch up Calum and Hamish for a road ride from Colac to Carlilse River, Simpson and back to Colac.
125km later and a minor dirt road diversion, we had Hamish(who was only 13 on the day of the ride and turned 14 the next day!)doing his first ride over 100km - ever!

Tuesday, can I rest yet?  Nope, Peter had planned with me to do the new 50km Otway Odyssey course.
A beautiful day forecasted to be around 29 degrees celcius.  Off we set and smiling too I might add.

Speedos reset at the Forrest Rec reserve with the trip out starting off highly achievable and a nice easy climb, did not even notice it as we chatted away.
Then after the descent on Newcombe's spur, we started to climb.  I had never ridden this section before so was blissfully unaware of what was to come.

Needless to say, you can guess there was some climbing and more and even more...but the 50km delivered a Christmas hamper full of fun, mixed in with some items that I would have gladly donated to someone who likes orange marmalade.

otway_odyssey_50km_reccy_ride.jpgCan I just say I was gob smacked by the 50km "new version" & I am happy to announce that in my opinion this will be a tougher event than the 100km one...start training.  The Happy Hundred & the Fear the Fifty are my new names for the distances.

So the day not over yet, off to the You Yangs for MTB Skills Bootcamp bike fitness session, the finale for the year.  I just could not face one more hill, so it was sprints and power efforts.  A great night guys!

Thankfully Wednesday greeted us with severe weather warnings, and 39degrees.  No rides, just stay at home and work.

A great day planned for today, but alas its raining - a lot. 
weather_17th_dec_09.jpgJust had a look at the BOM and its going to keep raining - all day.  See the big blue strip, thats over me right now!
Gym this arvo for me.

Hope you are having just as much fun as I am right now.  Rest up and have a great Christmas, more rides planned next week!