The week after the 7 hours of fun and mud!

Well Monday morning I was great, feeling pretty fresh and no D.O.M.S what so ever.

I decided to cancel my Geelong appointments and staying at my mums.  Just needed to get some work done, like wash my very dirty clothes, shoes, helmet, bikes etc...and just generally allow myself to feel on top of things for the rest of the week.  This proved to be a great decision and I was able to recover to the best of my ability.

Tuesday morning I slept in until 7:30am and got ready for a road ride with Liz from Torquay to Lorne for lunch and back again.  Only 90km, with some very simple cruisy hills, but I did feel numb and not in tune with any power from the brain to the legs.  No disresptect to Liz, as she was hammering the hills, but I was SHIT!  thankfully now being wiser for the experiences and able to be humble enough to listen to my body and learn from past races, this is and was normal and I just had to do what I knew I could, but at a very leisurely pace.

I was greatful for Liz to be so accomodating on this delightful Tuesday.

I called it the " Ladies Trundle to Lorne on a Tuesday" (LTLT) - we averaged a leisurely 26kmph.

Once we started back from Lorne and I had consumed some Lamb Greek Salad and a DBL Shot Soy Mocha...oh and some hot chippies, I felt much better and stayed on Liz's wheel the whole way back.  AAAaaaahhhh, welcome back brain and legs.


Wednesday - Another attempt to freshen brain and legs.  We needed to go into Colac to pick Saskia up and do some grocery shopping so I decided to ride in via Birregurra - Forrest Rd and then turn left on Colac Lorne Rd and onto Colac Forrest Rd.  40 km all up and a Nth WEsterly the whole way.  So no massive records set today, but some killer hills(short and sharp 12% gradient), rain and cold NTH Wester.  Only took me 1.5 hours and met Saskia at her school and I had to ride around in the freezing cold for 40 minutes until Normie came.  I was cold to the bone!

Thursday - Starting to feel better, amazing!  Time to bring the legs back to life on the hills.  There is a 6km climb and then of course descent from Forrest to Barramunga.  It rises from 200mt in Forrest to 420 in Barra over the 6km.  First effort 29 minutes return.  Second effort 27:35 return.  Third Effort 27:06 return.  In between each effort I would come home, have a 10 min break and then go again.
was going to do a 4th but let myself finish on a good note.

Today was not about a flog fest, but a leg revival.

Tomorrow, we have appt in Torquay with TCF and Netti, plus a little jiggy jog with Lizzy Liz at Torquay too.  So am riding from Forrest to Torquay-about 90km...and its going to be a SWester the whole day!  Woo hoo...a Tail wind in my favour for a change.  Should take under 3 hours if the wind stays true.

Saturday we have an all day skills course at Lysterfield with another bunch of eager and excited female MTB'ers.

Then Sunday will be the test to my recovery...a 140km on my favourite road ride.  Forrest-Lavers-A.Bay and back to Forrest.  With a whole bunch of great cycling buddies...cant wait.

Weather forecast for Sunday - 12 degrees, Late shower, mostly sunny, Mainly a westerly with winds around 10kmph...nothing!  Woo hoo.  Photos to come post ride.

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