The Other side of the Australian 24 hr Solo Champsionships

It is Wednesday 22nd April, the sun is shining and my mind and body is well and truly on the mend.

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of the life I lead outside of cycling.
Sheep, dog, daughter and chooks!  I love living in the country.

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I cannot fathom doing a "Jason English" and turning up to the BMC last weekend in Woodend, Victoria and having a crack at winning the 100km MTB Marathon, and doing pretty well to come 2nd, 7 days after winning the 24hr SOLO.  Rest up Jase, take it easy, have a sleep in, eat some KFC chips, whatever...just dont make the rest of us look like half arsed fools please!

I am going to get my THANK YOU'S out of the way at the top of the page so it gets read!

  • Norm Douglas.  He is passionate about seeing me do well and knows how to get the best out of me and my equipment.  You are the "key" ingredient to my successes. 
  • Torquay Cycling Factory. Lorenzo is so kind and generous and is a typical "Italian" wanting to share the love and be too generous sometimes.  Thank you for your support and never ending belief in me as a person and athlete.
  • Giant Bikes.   Jo and Darren, awesome being a part of your team and representing the Giant brand.  The Anthem XO was so reliable and now I have won 2 x 24hr races on this bike, it is proving itself to be a true endurance machine.
  • TORQ Australia.    Gen Clark has been supportive of our business (mtb skills) and self for well over a year now.  She is not just like this with me, but so many other events & people.  She has a real passion for the sport.  
  • Jet Black Products.    Thanks Trent and Matt for helping me and TCF out with Nite Rider lights.  I love them and they proved their worth in the dark pine forest in the rain at Majura Pines.  
  • Cycling - Inform.  Coach Brendan Rowbotham has been the missing link in my previous success.  He has helped nurture my strengths and build upon my weakness, both mentally and physically.  
  • Sport Medicine Massage.   Bengt Carlson is one of those"cruel to be kind" masseurs.  A bit ouchy, but you walk out afterwards feeling BORN AGAIN.  I have been seeing him now for 3 yrs and cannot recommend him highly enough. 
  • SRAM components.   Thanks to Rob Eva, Dan and Monza Imports for great product and awesome support to set my bikes up immaculately.  I love love love my Grip Shift and SRAM XO RD, chain, NOIR cranks, Avid Elixir Brakes, SID Team forks...and of course I love my Power link!
  • Canberra Off Road Cyclists - CORC. Without the passion and dedication of such a forward thinking club, I would not be so readily be accepting the challenge to attend the WORLD SOLO 24hr MTB Championships in Canmore, Alberta in Canada.  I have been blessed with a fully paid airfare to the event and $2000 prize money.  This means that Norm and I can get there without wondering how we were going to do it.  


So you all know how I won the race and since then I have been contemplating the win...and you know Lance might say,"its not all about the WIN".

I can honestly say that I have thouroughly enjoyed the process and journey that has brought me to where I am.  I have been blessed with meeting great people, being inspired and also inspiring others through just riding a bike.  I have had the opportunity to experience new heights of what can be achieved if you just follow a process and chip away at it bit by bit.  Those who may not know, I have been working at this goal since January 2006 since I did my first 8 hr MTB Enduro in a female pair at Whittlesea.  I loved it and had visions of getting better and winning races.  

Back in 2006 I was lucky enough to have the wisdom and foresight to take it a week at a time. 
My self talk consisted of ,"Jess, when you go out for a ride, just aim to improve 1 thing by 1%, 1 ride at a time.  If you do this, then I bet you in a years time you will be a better rider and having more fun!"
...and guess what, its true!

So over the next 12 weeks, I am going to do just that.  One ride, one day, one week at a time.  Thats all I need to do.  Simple.  So damn simple anyone can do it.

BRING ON THE WORLD'S...stay tuned. 

 Jess Giant in a dress

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