The Month of July 2010 (2)

Merida_24hr_2010A quick preview of the month that has been....

Winter: cold, wet and very very hard to train.

answers: Spin classes, wind trainer sessions, rollers sessions, muddy mtb rides, social night rides and gym sessions.

Add in a few MTB Skills sessions, a couple of races and July is done and dusted.

Brad Davies and I did Mixed Pairs again at Lysterfield for the Chase the Sun series.  We won our 2nd race in this series.

Then I got to spend a week in Noosa, not really hot, but not cold like Victoria. Ride some new and different trails, and just chill out with not much pressure.

The big finale to the month for me was to win the Merida 24hr by 5 laps.

A fast and fun course, so fast that I was battered about more than normal, really savouring the climbs.

More of a review will be done later this week, when I can think clearly about the race that was!


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