The future looks BRIGHT!

MaxSkenesckSince winning the Scott 24hr back in September I have not been idle, just on the blog front!

I often get asked how long does it take to recover from a 24hrs, well I am always back on the bike as soon as I can, but it feels like my brain and legs don't align. Brain says ride hard, legs feel laboured, not sore, but below par.

So on that note, I just do not know how Jason English won the Scott 24hr one week, then 2 weeks later won the WEMBO 24hr Champs in Scotland!
I did watch that with interest, for I was not going to be there to contest my 3 x W24C status and I was ok with that, but seriously interested on how it would pan out.
With Kim Hurst, Erin Greene and Ricky Cotter in the womens field, I was certain a contest would be on between them and it proved to be, with Kim getting the deserved win and of course Ricky with her grunt and determination not giving in for 2nd place.

I will be honest and say that the mens field interested me less and all I wanted to see was how Jason would play this race out. He hurt and had issues, but calm and cool that he is, the experience shone through and he smashed out yet another win. He is pretty amazing.

1965432 967150383311901 4874518660841817424 oThe weekend after the Scott 24hr Bec and I travelled to Melbourne to do the Liv ride with Bonnie Tu, the founder of the Liv brand and a very very influencial woman in the cycling world when it comes to bikes, business and perserverance - I was so lucky to get to ride with her for a good half hour chatting about everything and anything! What a top chick.

NormCXmudBut on that same weekend, our business, "we Ride bikes" ran a Depression awareness Participation ride called Chase the Dog, a beautiful social and supported ride through the Otways.

Norm and I were amazed that we should be so lucky to get 200 riders to attend in our first year.
Enjoying good company and riding my CX bike on dirt roads for 85km on Saturday was certainly far nicer than hurting big time in Scotland at the Wembo 24hr. Times are a changing!

The next 3 weekends saw me working the hardest I had worked in months, skills sessions, school groups, instructor weekend, and our massive annual Mt Buller Retreat on the Melbourne Cup long weekend. By the end of this kind of workload my only interest is sleep and becoming a recluse.

So instead of that, I persevered and kept up the momentum.

1779838 10152405502936003 7945587608641642249 nI had a weekend off work, Norm and I rode CX bikes on the Chase the Dog circuit so he could actually see what it was all about, and then on the Sunday I raced a 6hr enduro at Buxton.
We had never ever even been to Buxton before let alone ridden the trails there.
It was warm, the climbing was deceiving and the descending was hard but fun work.
I still cannot believe that I can win these things, but have come to realise its not just about fitness for me, its about mental strength and belief.

Life is flat out right now, yet somehow I am managing to run businesses, build relationships with staff, manage finances and pay our bills, keep the house clean, walk the dog 10km a day, ride every day, sometimes only 1hr, but thank goodness for daylight savings. Its become a weekly ritual to do at least once, have me ride down the coast, have Norm meet with me Max. I get a ride, Norm stops working, Max gets a run on the beach and we have some sort of meal down there be it Lorne or Apollo Bay.

10393727 10152421248091003 7876796243747188953 nIts a cliché but Life Is Good.
Amongst the mayhem there is magic.
Despite the stress some days, there is always a smile about the good times I've had the good times to come.
And when it gets a little unbearable, I cuddle my best boy Max and take him for a walk.

My daughters boyfriend Jimmy turned 21.
She turns 21 in January.
I visited my mum and we went out for a meal and she helped me grab odds and ends at kmart for Buller Corner Store.
I have been enjoying time down the coast in the evening with my 2 men, Max and Norm.
I work alongside awesome staff.
I get to dream up ideas and make them happen.
I have the pleasure of visiting schools and talking to children about goal setting and my 1% motto at least once every 2 months.
...and we have opened up our Corner Store in Derby to amongst this.

150123 10152795508693350 652643641748851530 nAnd this summer I am leaving all of this to go work and live at Mt Buller for 20 weeks!
I am going to work hard, ride each day, do Summit walks, make The Corner Store even better this year, build relationships, sleep well and look forward to my catch ups with Norm from time to time.

All the while, I am still able to whisk up amazing opportunities that come my way.
Finally I have been able to map out some kind of 2015 calender thats not finished but the key stones are set in place nice and firmly giving me some kind of plan to work towards. 

10352998 10152416215681003 8132208022150802988 nJanuary is work and train like mad.
February we have a little event coming up in Derby. If you like Forrest Festival you are going to love this one.
March I am locked in for Bike Buller MTB Festival on the 7th 8th 9th & the Giant Odyssey in Forrest on the 21st.
April see what happens.
May I have the Forrest 6hr back home.
June July will most likely be spend teaching up Nth Qld for some of winter.
August is The Red Back stage race in Alice Springs followed by the Larapinta Trail Run stage race.
September I am doing the Surfcoast Century run. 100Km's of it.
October is Chase the Dog again, our depression awareness participation ride in the Otways.
November is for the Forrest Festival.

The rest of the gaps will be filled in no doubt, but I am stoked to be doing these events.
Including 2 running events, not just a weekend fun run, or a 20km trail run, but a 4 day stage race and a 100k'er. 

1184781 10152402142286003 3566178625665044530 nTurning 42 in February, I could not be happier with how life is moving along.
I am learning to relinquish control yet plan enough to feel calm about the unknown.
Accepting change and taking on new ideas has become a fun challenge no longer feared.
This is not just in my day to day life of business, but in my cycling and the events I chose to do. 

I am so very lucky enough to have many bikes:

  • Liv Obsess hardtail

  • Liv Lust Dual suspension

  • Liv Bravo CX bike

  • Liv Envie Road bike

  • Liv Intrigue all mountain style bike

1794764 1498657130396371 2457322688960567142 nAnd I am lucky enough to call myself a cyclist that gets to ride them all each day of the week for whatever reason or event that comes my way. Whatever trail, road, dirt road, weather conditions or desire greets me on the day, a bike gets ridden and life balances out again.

As the year is coming to a close I really have to thank those that have made this all possible for me. 

  • Giant Bicycles Australia for always believing in me and allowing me to ride such awesome bikes.
  • Shimano Australia for supplying these bikes with XTR perfection so my ride experience is premium all the time.
  • Bike Box for the support in the most important area of tyres with supply of Schwalbe tyres.
  • Rapid Ascent for looking after one of your greatest fans – me! Your events are supreme and this coming year I cant wait to do the Larapinta and Surfcoast century...expanding myself into the run scence.
  • Jet Black products for my truck lights that help me win 24hr races. SECA Light & Motion 1400&1700 lumen lights.
  • And the biggest thank you goes to my Norm Douglas of course. He is not my coach nor my mananger but most aligned with an angel that sits on my shoulder encouraging me and believing in me even when there are days that I dont believe.

I am so stoked to be alive and seeing what 2015 brings. Hope to see you along my travels soon!