Tathra Holiday

bairnsdalePreparation for this holiday was a bit silly, I just knew if I could go through the motions, pack what was needed, be methodical and just wake up and go…all would work out in the end.


Great time away, camping in Tathra, great weather, surf, running, riding, early nights to bed, bbq dinners, more mountain bike riding, what more could a girl ask for?!


Monday started off with a drive to Tathra, we had to stop in Sale to get an insurance job done on the windscreen, a great waste of 2hrs there!

tathra_pierEventually we arrived at Tathra and set up camp with a walk to the main beach and the rocks. What a nice night, light winds, and some mild weather.

Ahhh….now its worth it, all that driving and preparation.


Tuesday – day 1. Trail run 6km. Swim at Moon Bay. MTB Ride on the trails at Tathra. A really fun selection of trails at the back of the hills added up to a fun 20km loop, with some good challenges as well as lots of flow.

Finishing off the day with a walk to the pier with Josh and Saskia.


hoong_and_iWednesday – day 2. Drive to Bergamgui for a ride with Hoong at the trails there. Fun 6km loop that we went around a couple of times. Hot day.

Spent the afternoon at Moon Bay after I did a trail run there.

Even went for an afternoon ride with a Tathra local on the 20km loop again.


Thursday – day 3. Morning Trail run – 2hrs today. Love running by myself on the cliff top trails. Should have brought water and gone for longer!

Spent some time at Moon Bay and Nelson Lagoon today, pretty fun time. Nelson Lagoon particularly fun – would love to paddle here for a while.


seakayakFriday – day 4 and New Years eve. No trail run this morning, but some time spent at Moon Bay with the peeps. Then off to a very cool 3 hrs paddling in sea kayaks at Mogareeka inlet. Norm and I spent a bit more time off the beaten track, but Saskia and Josh said it was the best fun they have had yet. Must remember to do this again with them when we have time.

Quick BBQ dinner, then Norm and I went for a walk down the beach. Sas and Josh trying to party it up. Unfortunately for them – and thankfully for us…Tathra was a quiet place to be for NYE. I think Norm and I were in bed at 11pm, with the knowledge that we would be up early ready for the trip home to Forrest.


Yes I had a great time away.

Yes I would do it again.

But…I love coming home.