Summer Riding - December Downpour

Well there has been some fun times over the past couple of weeks.
As everyone here in Australia knows, officially Summer starts in December. OFFICIAL being the operative word!  Until yesterday...Sunday 21st Dec...summer was still a pipe dream. 


This photo was taken at the end of the National XC round held at the You Yang's.
Now the You Yang's holds up pretty well in the wet...but some of the newly excavated areas become a muddy mess causing all sorts of problems. 
Regardless of this, the course was fun, with some great climbing and even better downhills.  Trav's track is my fave and it was a worthy reward at the end of each lap - 4 in total!  I ended up coming 11th -10th overall in ELITE women(11th including U23's)  It really suited me, the conditions and the technical course.  I realised at the end of the race, my max HR was 171 and I was really not going very hard - more riding in Enduro mode.  So have vowed to start doing a few more races like this and becoming a bit more agressive and backing myself more often.


Since the weekend of the 13th & 14th December, the weather really did not improve hugely, except for less rain - but summer was still not happening.  So I recovered and trained indoors on the trainer. 

Thursday I convinced Liz to attend the Dirt Crits with me at Westgate with Fullgas Promotions.  What a great time we had there.  Awesome training!  We are going back on the 8th Jan 09.

Friday I picked up my new road bike from Giant - check it out: 

Forrest MTB and Cycling Club ran its 2nd official race - a mini dirt crit held at the Recreation reserve using the 400mt single track that was part of the prologue lap in the Kona 24 hour this year.  Finishing off with a lap around the oval.

C grade did 10 minutes plus a lap.
B grade 15 plus a lap
A grade 20 plus a lap

We also got a few new members join on the night and all in all was a top event!


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So that was Friday night...leading into Saturday...our little Otways training ride.
Leaving Apollo Bay around 8am, we climbed our way up Wild Dog Rd, up Busty and back to Wild Dog.  Arrived at Tanybryn and headed up to the Mt Sabine Firetower.  A quick descent into West Barwon Tk, and then the fun began.  4wd and motorcycle rutted out trails with creek crossings and impossible hill climbs.  Oh and not to mention loads of friendly competition breathing down each others neck!  We completed around 80-83km that day, taking our time and riding in similar ability/fitness bunches.  

Dinner at the pub that night, followed by sleep. Not enough as one of our friends had a car accident on the way home and thankfully she is ok.

Next day more single track and finishing off some Otway Odyssey Reccy ride that we did not complete yesterday - topped off with a swim at the quarry.

Yesterday was around 30 degrees, hot and sunny.  Has summer arrived?  Hmmm...maybe I like the rain and cold better?