Summer makes riding easy!

fatty_fat_fat.jpgSince my last update which was around the 25th Jan, things really havent slowed down...infact they have sped up considerably.

Saskia turned 16 and got her learners permit, thankfully
Norm has been taking her driving. 
She has also gone back to school and started her school based apprenticeship in Fitness.  She has also started pre season netball training and Thursday summer comp netball in Warnnambool. 

So that alone is HUGE. 
NO MORE just yet please!
sas_and_the_harros.jpgOne thing that was totally amazing over the school holidays though, was Saskia went for a MTB ride with the Harringtons and actually had a good time. 
She was out ont the bike for a few hours - and survived.  Wow! 
Good work Saskia.

Then there is racing. 
We had a great time at Forrest Feral Friday doing an Individual TT on the proposed State XC course for 20th March. 
Now I am getting ready to head off to NSW for the Inaugral Husky 100km, ran by the great people at Black Heart Events, Matt & Amanda.
The 100km race is around the beautiful area of Jervis Bay.  I am really looking forward to it.  Thanks Matt and Amanda for providing accommodation too. Wish I could stay all week!


The following week is the Otway Odyssey.  This is another 100km race, run by Rapid Ascent.   This is my 4th year and I am hoping they do a jersey next year for all the people that have done all 5 in a row!  Whoop Whoop.
2007 I came 22nd in Open Women in a time of 8:35.  A very bad year!  I remember feeling absolutely shattered only 10km in.
2008 I came 14th in Open Women in a time of 8:10.  Oh dear, this was a wet year, mud everywhere and the private property section was very tough.  Even the winners of this event were taking longer than expected.  Would I do it again?  YES!f
2009 I came 7th in Open Women in a time of 6:12.  Now I was starting to work my way up.  In the lead group up the climb, lost them in the private property but did an awesome timed descent and the fastest female in the final 15km section of the course.  Not sure what I am capable this year.  Weather is a factor.  The trails are in great condition including the 4wd trails through the first 40km and the last 15km.  My plan is to do under 6hrs, try my hardest to get on podium and if my opponents are better on the day, and I still reach my personal goals, then so be it!  I am excited though. 
2010, can I come 5th? In a time of 5:55? Will let you know in a couple of weeks!

womens_ride.jpgSpeaking of Otway Odyssey, the Forrest MTB & cycling club WOMENS ride group have been doing loads of secret training. 

Our 2nd last session was held last night on the Thomspons, Newcombes Loop which has a few hills and some great moto single track.  

Well done Cathy and Marie, all you have to do now is ride and have fun on the day. At least you know whats coming up each km.

My next big race after OO, will be Bike Buller MTB Festival on 13th 14th of March.  Then hopefully I have the energy to do the State Series XC race held at Forrest on 20th March...and then its onto the National Solo 24hr Champs in Canberra on April 3rd & 4th.  

Finally this weekend we have a MTB Skills/GIANT bikes WOMENS day at the You Yangs on Saturday 6th Feb.  Will have loads to update on that.  Stay tuned.

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