Stuff, Stuff and more stuff...and I am stuffed!

Shagged, Shattered, Hammered, Rooted, Totalled, Creamed, Spent.  Basically in need of a good holiday.  Well thats how I feel.

Anaconda Enduro series 2   Lysterfield

My life in a nutshell:

  • Boot Camp instructor 3 times a week, Tues 6am, Thurs 7pm, Sat 7am
  • Mother 24/7
  • Wife 24/7
  • Business owner 6-7 hours per day 5 days a week
  • Semi Serious MTB rider who needs to train sometimes!
  • Racing on Weekends
  • ...and some sleep thrown in there

Not complaining, I have an awesome life.  I dont ever need to train in the early morning or late at night, I can do it when the sun has thawed out the ground and enjoy the sunshine during the middle of the day.  I can sleep in (on occasion) to 8am!  I can make my own yummy lunch concoctions in the comfort of my own home.  I can even manage a nana nap if needed. 

Of late however I am a tad knackered.  I have now made the decision to get out of personal training completely and focus totally on the MTB Skills business and training.  Only 1 trip to Geelong a week and most "hands on work" is done on a weekend.  Looking forward to next week when I can  really start to reap the benefits of this decision. 

Since I last made an entry into this website:

Wed 28th May - Awesome ride with Normie boy around the back trails of Forrest.  Norm did not like the hill climbs and swore only once, but loved the downhills that came with the fact that we had climbed.  Ouch, the ground was so slippery in the bottom of the hills though, he slipped on a boardwalk that was like ice and really winded himself.  We did a "John Jacoby, think Otway Odyssey 2008" hike a bike into the heavens as well for 1km.  would make an awesome downhill!  All up we had a fun 25 km and would have done more if we had the time. 

Thurs 29th May- The beginning of my tiredness begins.  Ergo session with Donna at 7:15am, could not hold any power at all, could not spin at all either, stuffed!  Went to bike shop to sort out a couple of things, dressed for a ride.  Day of sunshine, slight breeze and a coastal ride was in order.  Ba Bow...not to be.  within 10kms I realised that bed was calling me.  I think this last fortnight I have averaged around 5 hours sleep a night.(busy with work stuff and early morning committments)  Went and visited Shane at Soul Fuel for a double shot espresso Soy Mocha and still wanting to close the eyes I rang my mum and used the spare bed for a couple of hours until 3pm.  Still had Boot Camp to go at 7pm that night in Geelong, got home that night and went to bed nearly instantly. 

Fri 30th May - Was going to do a night ride with GMBC at Jan Juc through Eumeralla Scout Camp area, but had another offer from Lorenzo at TCF.  Phil Anderson was doing a chat for the Amy Gillett foundation on road cycling safety and a bit of chit chat about his life as a pro at Furios Restaurant in Anglesea at 6:30pm.  Norm and I decided that this was a great event and attended.  Had a great time, but got home at 12midnight.  I knew this was a toughie, as I would be up at 4:30am the next morning to get up and get ready for my day at the You Yangs.   

Sat 31st May - Up at 4:30am, approx 4 hours sleep.  Soy Machiato sugared up heavily and I was off for the You Yang's for Bootcamp at 5:15am.  It takes about 1.5 hours to get there from Forrest.  Bootcamp was fun!  We ran up the Turntable drive up to the car park and then ran the East West walk around the perimeter of the You Yangs.  Awesome run.  Then I only ran 1/2 way up the peak due to time constraints with some of my group in Boot Camp and ran all the way back down.  I think it equated to around 11-12kms of trail running.  Had organised for a social ride around the new Kurrajong trails with Boot Camp friends and participants at 8:30am.  We rode the trails up to the StockYards top car park and then rode back down again.  Great fun.  25kms later I was off to the local cafe finally for some lunch and another double shot espresso soy mocha.  Ooooh Yeh...bring it! Later I was off to watch Phil at the local road race with GCC at Maude.  Tonnes of hills, I love this course, but thankfully forgot to pack my road bike at 5am in the morning.  thank you God!  Phil came 2nd in C grade.  Phew...what a day.  Home at 6pm 

Sun 1st June - Up at 5:15am.  Another early morning.  Pack car, make coffee, drive to Lysterfield for round #2 of the Anaconda Enduro Series with Full Gas Promotions .  Start time of 9:30am.  The beginning of our Race Developement Squad too.  We had Matt Connock, Janine Vavasseur, Sara Evans, Katie McKie, Liz Mulconry, Christy Harris, Darren Hynd and me racing.  With Norm doing support, mechanic and filming on and off the bike, we had a hoot of a time.  The team gelled well and everyone was really supportive.  I had my first major mechanical, Janine had her first over the handlebars incident, Matt did his first race and first solo 6 hour of course, katie and Sara also enjoyed their first taste of racing.  Well done to all.  We are in the throws of planning much more.  As for me, I quote my opening statement, "Shagged, Shattered, Hammered, Rooted, Totalled, Creamed, Spent."  I did some great lap times, but felt every slight incline and hurt like mad from the get go.  Got home and unpacked that dreaded car, washing on, and a cold shower awaited me.  We had no hot water left for some reason!

Monday 2nd June - Yeh, slept in til 7:45am and probably got 9.5 hours sleep.  I used to wonder about my next meal and what yummy food could I cook up, but now I worry about my next sleep and how many delicious hours I can manage.  Spent a day on the "tools".  That is my computer, not the bike.  Cooked up a massive Thai Green Chicken curry, pumpkin soup, apple crumble and banana cakes.  Here i am thinking this will last a week. But I have gone into Geelong on Monday night for a strength session at the gym and Thai dinner myself with family...and low and behold I get back Tuesday(today) and Normie and Saskia have eaten nearly all of it!  So did my session at the gym, was feeling good in strength but totalled in my cardio vascular output.  Slept well(ish) and got 6hours sleep.  Not bad.

Tuesday 3rd June - Last early morning Boot Camp session. Cold and dark.  Not very inspiring at 6am.  Ergo session with Donna at 7:15am.  Working on Lactate tolerance now.  First few sets tough, but warmed up to it.  Buy two bags of chook feed on way home, get home, housework, snack, bath and 2.5 hours sleep later back into some work.  Its now 4:30pm as I finish this story and I am looking forward to having a great day tomorrow on the bike.  Am planning for some long kms on fireroad, 4wd tracks technical trails, just riding, but not on the road.  Good night for now. 

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