Some sensational rides, great friends, good weather...finally!

So we had the awesome MTB ride on Sunday 7th Sept.  Everyone had a great day and we will most definitely be doing that again sometime soon!  Stay tuned.

My mate Sally had booked in for her SLABS week some time ago.  (Sallys Lard Arse Back in the Saddle) Staying in the loft with her Swag made her feel like she was camping and away from the normality of working life.  I had warned her of "turkey turkey", the male Turkey the gobble gobbles every morning just before 6am. Our new addition of Sylvester too (the Bantom Rooster) added to the morning banter causing Sallys lay ins to be rudely disturbed.

PhotobucketSal soon warmed to the feathered fowl and was up at a reasonable hour - NOT!  Hey Sal, how on earth do you stay in bed until 9am?  I have asked Sally to give me a week at her house called JETSI (Jess's ability to sleep in), she says she can teach me all the skills i need to achieve this including others for no extra charge.  There is a skill only Sally has and it is a sort of telepathy in the supermarket of being able to make packets of chips and choc coated scotch fingers land in your trolley at will.  Wow!  


The rides consisted of hills hills and more hills, thats the only way out of Forrest.  Some lovely riding to be had through Turtons tk on the road bikes too.

Sal road ride  Sal Turtons Tk  jess and sal on turtons tk  Turtons Tk 2

Sally Stylin'We had some awesome fun repeating Red Carpet and flowing through the sweeping bends of the bottom section, some runs along the Lake Elizabeth walkway and other trails surrounding Forrest. Of course some mountain biking through Yaugher trails as well. 

So Sal's week started with the MTB ride to Wye River & ended in a 120km road ride from Forrest to Lorne Via the Great Ocean Rd & throughDeans Marsh & Barwon Downs back to Forrest.  Her max kms ridden in one day. Jess

Here are some pics of the day.  Thanks Sal, Norm, Jeff, Sharon, Gav and of course Adam and Mike who we caught up for lunch with in Lorne.  What a wonderful day, great ride and sensational company too!



 More fatties at Deans Marsh  Jeff and Sal  Jess and Normie

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