Sneak Preview - New BIKE...Giant XTC Advanced SL MTB

Just a quickie...thanks to Giant (Jo Jo and David R) & Lorenzo at Torquay Cycling Factory...I have my sexy new hardtail.


Norm and I went to Torquay yesterday to pick it up and Norm spent all night lovingly assembling it.

Thankfully we met Dan "the Sram" Man at TCF whilst we were there, and we are getting a few new additions for this bike.  I really like the Sram Grip shift, it really works for me and apart from my road bike, its important to have my Anthem (AKA Julie) set up the same way as my XTC (AKA Harry ) is.

Going for a praccy ride this arvo in Forrest, doing some "secret" riding for a purpose that will be revealed to all later...stay tuned.


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