Skills & Spills - and the weeks are flying by!

Joshies Girls   you want me to ride down there.jpg

..."I wish that I had Joshies de de de derrr...Joshies girls, where can I find some girls like that, like Joshies Girls?"...

Liz, Mary, Jen, Julie, Claudette, Josh and me of course spent the day together on Saturday 14th June at Forrest for our MTB Skills course.  The day started sunny with some low cloud cover that lifted.  Occasional drizzle was the theme of the day, but not enough to dampen our fun.

The group was great and ready to tackle many new things, including some jumping.  It was fun to see smiles and confidence grow.  We definately got tired toward the end of the day and had to make up new songs to get home in the final few kms.  Songs like..."Mary Mary on your on my mind"...with numerous fillers including ones that I cant write!

We also had a total of 25 people come back to our house for a post ride BBQ.  I had no idea our house and back veranda could fit that many people.  Everything was great and it was a great social event.  Thank you everyone!


The next day we headed out for a social ride with about 10 of us and enjoyed the bit of rain and fun single track.  About 3 hours later we were done, had a coffee and after we said good bye to the last of  our friend Norm and I had a bit of a nap for 1 hour.  wow I was tired!  What a full on weekend.


Monday, into Geelong for business, a gym session and to stay at mums.

Tuesday, took ergo sessions for Donna from 6-10am then went for ride with Amy to Torquay and back.  Very tired so left it at that and drove home.  Really buggered today.

Wednesday...well this is where the spills comes in.  Norm and I headed off on a SKILLS training ride to push me to the limits.  Had a great time nailing some jumps and handling my bike better over trails 4, 5 & 6 however I just stuffed up repeatedly over a large log that has never been a problem.  I think I attempted it 10 times and crashed 10 times.  I could be a stunt person now as my falling got better and my riding got worse.  After a million hissy fits with myself and a huge mental block I moved on and got back to enjoying the trails.  Apart from the log, my enjoyment on these trails has never been this much.  Thanks Normie. 
Got home from ride, had lunch and changed over to the road bike.  Basically Time Trialed it toward Torquay and Norm was going to pick me up wherever we crossed paths.  I got 65kms in before he caught me, 2 hours later.  Had a great ride.

Thursday, today, the weather is shyte and it has not stopped raining and it is now 1:30pm.  Meant to be taking someone for a training ride, might have to do some hills or Kaanglang or some other training instead of single track.  Heres hoping the weather clears up for the next couple of days! 

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