September 2012

 MTBSkills FNQ_Launch_clinic_-_med-resOh dear...It's always hard writing the blog when I have been slack.

It's a little bit like exercise or training of some sort. Small chunks are better than trying to do a months work in one hour! I should know!

Since writing last time, way back in August, Norm and I have been back to Cairns for our MTBSkills Cairns Launch with William. We have been to Halls Gap for a mini holiday. We also went to Adelaide to do our South Australia MTBSkills launch. Not to mention really getting stuck into preparing and planning for the opening of The Corner Store Forrest in November.

Its been hectic and I can tell you I have been sleeping very very well
Somehow amongst all this I have managed to race, train and keep myself moving session at a time. Its working too!

Perhaps the increase in sunshine is playing a part? Maybe its just that (unlike my blog writing!) being consistent and persistant with my efforts is creating a pattern of success.

August was amazing. 1 x 12hr at the Jetblack Sydney 12hr. 1 x 8hr at Atherton 8hr. 1 x Geelong Cycling Club Road Championships win.

A mild reward was spent with a couple of days hiking and enjoying new surrounds at Halls Gap.

September we had MTBSkills courses, Cairns and Adelaide launches, great weather and even got to take the Melbourne Rebels Rugby Union team out for a skills & mtb ride day at the You Yangs.  Jano from Bicycles Inc was awesome with really pulling the day off with brand spanking new demo 29"ers

And now its October already.
The Corner Store is open in 1 month. Hobart/Tasmania MTBSkills is launching big time on the 13th. I am racing the You Yangs Yowie and the Bendigo Epic 100miler.

People always ask, “Jess how on earth do you do it all?”
I wake up in the morning, get dressed, and just do what it takes to get to where I want to be.

Sometimes it feels like I will never get there, but after what might be days or weeks of effort, I finally get a breakthrough or a win on something,this could be business or race related.

Of course I like to have the big picture goals, the dreams, and they are what keep me striving. But its the little pieces of the puzzle that are achievable today and I can tell you something I know to be true, if I don't work at them today, no one else will and I have no chance of achieving great things if I procrastinate or forget them altoghether.

I said to my collection of Face Book friends a little while ago...” consistent persistent effort every single day” is what gets you to your greatest goals...and so I hope you have a great day as I go off for a ride in the sunshine after I have spent 1hr on the phone to Telstra, completed some credit applications for the store, paid some bills, made some appointments.

Oh and I have really enjoyed reading Midas Touch by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki. I am now onto Like A Virgin by Richard Branson. I had already read his other book 'Losing my Virginity' and now this one is really really relevant to where I am at with our business.  

Thank you to Giant Cycling World Adelaide for all your assistance with supplying Norm and I demo bikes for the weekend.

The little video from the You Yangs Melbourne Rebels day out:

Melbourne Rebels Video 

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