Scott 24 hour Oct 11th and 12th 2008

Lorenzo and Jess with new bikes

Well here I am at 4pm on Tuesday 14th October, home and pretty well sorted as far as unpacking and washing clothes etc...goes.

If you have not already heard on the grapevine...I won the Female Solo 24 hour category.  But I will get back to that in a few paragraphs.

People sometimes ask why I dont attend many of the major interstate races and I can tell you why.  I find the preparation to attend and the unpacking and getting back to normal afterwards way harder than the race.  Not to mention being self employed and living way down woop woop, and of course needing to be there for my 14 year old daughter, 2 dogs, cat, chickens and new little chicks.

National Lampoons Vacation Having said that though, attending the Scott 24 hour was most enjoyable.  We stayed the night in Melboure at a friend, David Lacey's apartment in the city, had dinner at a Nepalese restaurant in Bridge Rd, used the gym in the morning with Liz, then convoyed up to Canberra with a bundle of others from our race development squad.  It made it that much more fun to do it casually with some other people.  Norm and I usually race up as quick as we can and do the same back.

Photobucket The weather was wonderful on the way up, stopped at Holbrook for lunch, and a few others for snacks and fuel.  Arrived at Canberra on Thursday 10th Oct at 5pm, set up camp and then went out for dinner. 

Friday was awesome, went and did the red lap with the group and then the blue lap.  Started to set up for the next days race and went to bed reasonably early.

Norm doing his thing Norm had his work cut out for him, supporting me and Adam...and just being the general pit bitch socialite that he is.

Jess is very well organised A sunny warm day Saturday was turning out to be, opted for the sleeveless top.  Tried to stay focussed on my task of getting ready and had to politely move on from all the well wishers.  

Photobucket Photobucket12noon and we were off, wow it came around so quick, but gee I was glad for that as the nerves were setting in.  My HR went from 80 standing at the start line, to 115 as soon as they said 30 seconds to go! Photobucket

The first lap on the blue trail was wonderful, the dust was bearable and the congestion was not bad at all. 


The new rocky section was also in good form.  I was in the mood to get a bit of air on the jumps and totally enjoyed the last 4 or so kms back to transition.  Nice fast flowing sweeping and gradually descending single track.  Mmmmmmmm MMMmmm!

Came back in with Philipa on my heels and we climbed the red lap together and descended together.  She went off to her transition and me to mine.  I let her take the lead and sat on her pace.  Was starting to wonder if she would keep the pace up for 24 hours, I was not hurting just thinking of how mentally tough it was going to be to ride lap for lap with one opponent.  PhotobucketAt the end of this lap, she went off to transition and I did not see her again for the rest of the race as I gradually put 5, 10 and sometimes more minutes into her each lap.

So now came the mental game.  The first 6 hours flew by.  In my head saying that "ok, thats the next Surf Coast 6 hour race on 25th Oct over and done with".  Then by midnight, I was saying" there goes the Gravity 12 hr on the 8th of Nov".  So now I was in my nightmare.  I hate the wee hours of the morning.  As my body started to say good night, my mind was fighting, but wanted so badly to give in.  What made it worse was that I was really hating the blue lap.  It was such a grind out of transition, and when you saw the 2km in sign, it was like NO that all I have ridden?  Food was off the menu, I just did not want to eat, almost nothing took my fancy except for vegemite sangas.  I tried to keep drinking and managed to even though there was the chance of a bit of a vomit on the cards each time.

Eventually at 5:30am, I was to head out for the blue lap, in the dark still.  But I knew I would have the sunrise on the way back to the start.  ...and thats when I got the love back again.  I knew I would.  A new mind game now.  6 hours to go.  ONE more 6 hour enduro to go...and all in daylight.  I still hated the blue lap, mainly due to the first 2km, but just succumbed to the fact that the last 30 minutes was worth the pain of this lap.  The bottom of the red lap was getting tough with its ruts and bumps, but other than that still most enjoyable.  

At around 10am Norm finally checked where I was at for real.  I was now nearly 3 laps up on Phillipa.  I would do one more lap, come in after 11am and call it a day, and WIN. 

And your name is...?So at 10 I went out for a blue lap, chatted with Jason English most of the way home and arrived at 11:05am to win the Scott 24 hour.


Thank you Norm for your wonderful support and for not falling asleep on me or Adam!  As if you could have anyway.

My new Giant Anthem from Torquay Cycling Factory was just a dream, and it never once missed a beat.  All Norm had to do was a quick lube each lap and away I went.  Also, my GRIP shift from SRAM is just amazing.  The changing is just so easy and even when I am fatigued it continued on.  Thanks SRAM, and thanks TCF.

For the first time, I used Night Rider lights and let me tell you... OMG!  I used their pro setup and was just amazed at how much light I had.

There were so many flats during the race that someone had to do a sweep of the course for all the discarded tubes.  However I run Tubeless Maxxis Crossmarks with Stans No Tubes and I never once felt like I was in trouble.


Home now and can rest for a few days.  

Sleeping it off

next races:

25th Oct, Surf Coast 6 hour 4pm-10pm Anglesea
8th Nov, Gravity 12 hour, 9am-9pm  Rosewhite Vic.
29th,30th Nov. Kona 24 hour, Forrest Vic.  (my home)