Road ride to Pt Addis and more on the MTB skills camp

Here we are again and another week gone.

Norm was in Sydney all week and got back this morning at around 1am.

So I have been single mother, working bits and pieces in Geelong and being a mother to Saskia when I eventually get home!

Wednesday and Thursday though, I managed to have some wonderful exploratorive rides by myself.  

Wednesday I went out on the MTB in the mud, with dry weather tyres on.  Talk about slippery!  But after a few runs I was letting my rear slide through corners deliberately.  I found this awesome motorcross downhill and rode that too.  Dirty from head to toe, I had a great time.  Mental note - must go for these sorts of rides more often!  FUN first remember.

Thursday I was in Geelong and had to go to Torquay around 9am and then had a bunch of spare time.  Packed the road bike and left fom Torkers, rode to Bells and then took a detour to Pt Addis. check out the pics!  Aaaaahhhhhhhhh, how relaxing to just be riding for the sake of it.  Rode back to Torquay via Forest Rd and could not help but to time trial it the rest of the way home.  Only did around 55km, but had a ball.

bike at Pt Addis  cheesy grin at Addis

Now to divert back to the weekend.  I finally downloaded the pics from my phone onto the website.  this was my poor little group:  Dave, Gavin, Kim, Mary and David.  covered from head to toe in the thick cement like mud made from clay.

muddy bikes and riders

Norm also completed the You Tube download of the weekend camp.
check it out: {youtube}7DBSR1b6V54{/youtube}




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