Rain and cold - a new spin on training

It is well and truly winter now.  2 more months of it to go. 
I have been out riding in all sorts of conditions and coping well.
The road bike only gets used once a week now as it is too wet and quite windy.
The tyres have been changed on the Dual suss ("me julie"- think Ali G) and am very happy with the Michelin XCR dual compound Extrem tubeless that i have put on.  I still have very dry race tyres on my hardtail and when I have been out on it on the trails around Forrest, it is very twitchy in the clay based mud surface.  Not riding it much now, need new tyres and time to do it.  

So just like lots of other riders, the duration of training has decreased, with focus on load and intensity and to try and keep it fun and achievable on dreary winter days.  Starting to incoroporate some Power strength training into the equation as well.

As I write this the rain in pouring down and it feels like it could snow any moment.  the fire is going and it is warm inside.  The thought of heading out on the bike is a hard one to swallow.  Might try to do some hill repeats on a quiet road today if the weather gives me a window of at least 1 hour.


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