Racing Schedule - life in General...

So last week we were up in Beechworth for the Six Hours in The Saddle.  There was a whole house full of people, I think there was about 17 of us out to dinner the next night too! 

Jess and Liz doing a Wiz bang switch

Anyway, Liz and I raced in Female Pairs, thankfully!  What a rocky course.  Normie boy started his training for Male Solo 40+.  Stewie, Phil, Adam, Julian, Gavin all raced solo, with Juppy and Beth in mixed pairs, Joe & Russ, Tony & Colin in Male Pairs.  Great day, amazingly good weather considering the rain and wind we had prior to race day.

The Taj Mahal The Taj Mahal Beth did not have fun that lap?? Joe and Russell The champ Gavin the stripper Phil Photobucket

This week has been flat out and I think there is only 9 weeks to go until I am racing the World Solo champs! Thats a crazy thought.

Anyway, went on the most awesome night ride last night with the Torquay gang and dinner afterwards at BirdRock.  Great night.

Have spent all day preparing for the busy weekend.
Saturday - up at 5am, need to be at Broadford by around 8:45am. Doing a road race - Preston Mountain Classic.  Its a handicap so should be fun, 82kms.  Then off to Bendigo for camping and dinner.

Sunday - 10-4pm, racing the Solo female category at Bendigo for fun and training.  I think there will be about 25 of us!  Looking forward to a fun weekend and a nice break on Monday!