Post Worlds - What does one do?

surf_coastIts been 7 weeks now since I won the World SOLO 24hr MTB Champs in Canberra.

You can do a lot in that time if you want, or not much at all...

Personally I have been UP..and then DOWN...and then UP again.  So much energy went into the win that I think I am some sort of post even depression or lack of future direction?!?
In fact, I did predict that there was a chance I would feel this way, but there is no way you can prepare for it, you have just got to ride the waves.

So instead of jumping in on the "next race" I have taken the approach of ride for fun, ride because I want to, share my passion with others who are just starting out, keeping it real.

On Saturday October 23rd, I rode Female Pairs with Belinda Harrison and a hard ride for 6hrs resulted in a win for us.  2 Rip Curl steamer wetsuits later, winners were grinners.

Not only did I race pairs, but helped a whole bunch of people have fun.  Kate Abbey and Christy Harris were being watched under a watchful eye, with Kate sneaking in 3rd and Christy coming in 1st for the Premier 12hr SOLO event.
Even Normie Boy Douglas rode 3hrs SOLO, fun and happy times from 8am until 11pm that day.  Phew only 2 weeks after the worlds and I was very tired indeed.


The next weekend was the Annual MTB Skills MTB Retreat at Mt Buller.  Bad weather was forecasted and it did not disappoint!  Rain, snow, sleet and crazy winds!  With nearly 40 people, we managed to keep everyone safe, warm and mostly dry on the trails that could handle this weather.  Klingsporn was a winner as were the Corn Hill trails.  Lots of indoor fun as well with talent nights, trivia and cuddly toys being murdered oh and men dressing up in womens know how it turns out at these gigs?

With that done and dusted with great success, I was supposed to attend the Dirt Works 100 at Woodend, but could not bring myself to race given my total physical and mental exhaustion from the past 4 weeks of being flat chat.  Many others attended and had a great time, jealous yes, but I did make the right decision to stay home.  Instead went for some lovely social rides with friends here in Forrest, what a luxury!

Forrest_courseLeading into mid November now and 5 weeks post Worlds, we are meant to be enjoying Spring, but Winter still prevails!  A skills clinic here in Forrest and rain rain rain all day long, yet another course or race or weekend spent trying to keep dry and warm!  Great course, great people, who learnt how to ride in crappy weather too!
The next day Norm and I rocked up to the You Yangs with Giant and helped run a BIKE Demo Day, more fun and more great times and people to meet.  How lucky am I  - really?  Every now and again, my crazy unstructured life presents opportunities to chill with people and thats work!

By now I was starting to feel better, re energised a bit, and looking forward to things on my calendar.

Tuesday night social ride in Forrest, Thursday night "Brew Crew" social ride with a beer and chips post ride.  All in Forrest!
lara_lunchA bit of practice of the new course for the MTBA national XC series race with the girls on Thursday - lunch at Lara, surf at Torquay...oh total exhaustion but oh such fun.
Friday was spent with Norm once again at the You Yangs trying to master the climbs, with about a 98% success rate, I knew that race pressure was going to chance that to about an 80% success rate, but at least I felt confident "skills wise" if not race fit.
Saturday, and back to the You yangs to race this thing.  XC racing hurts so much, I love it really, should try and get better and maybe train for it one day?  Maybe next year.  Travel the country doing XC events instead of 24hr???  We will see.
I did not win, but came 10th in Elite women and even won $50! Got my money back, Even Stevens.  
It hurt a lot.  But then again, first time back in anger and with no training I guess I could expect nothing more.
On the Sunday we had some awesome sunny weather and a skills course at Lysterfield, now my work week is over.

The following week (last week) Norm and I attended the Hamlyn Heights Lions club meeting to chat about the Worlds and then participated in a very friendly and social Brew Crew ride.  
The week finished off with some rain...and the Jeep 24hr MTB race in Forrest.

Pairing up with Belinda Harrison again, we won the Female Pairs division and this time I suffered so much from the cold and wanting to sleep - pairs was damn hard work.  Riding in the mud was fun, rain was a bit boring, so so over the rain!  So is my bike I think.


Seriously, what more could I want out of life right now??

So the plan for the rest of the year?

Race some smaller club events, go on social rides, train a little bit, going to Tathra for a beach and bike holiday, have Christmas with my family and regroup for 2011.

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