Post Nationals, Keeping Jason Fed, Living with the P & VP, Boot camp, Filming and road rides

What a week...

I got home on Sunday night from the road trip with the boys back from the Nationals.
Drove home knowing that I would be seeing my dying cat.  She was 18 and dying of old age. Saskia had told us this only 2 days ago that she had stopped eating and drinking altogether.

Within 30 mins of me arriving home she died in my arms of old age, very peacefully.  this is a pic of her a few months ago sleeping in the sun on a window sill.



Monday was a day of catch up.  Emails, to do list, housework, grieve, shopping, and some more work.  Norm got home from Adelaide around 9-10pm from the airport.

Tuesday I took Jason English (who was staying for a few days here in Forrest) to the You Yangs whilst I did a training session with someone and then we did MTB Skills Boot Camp - hill repeats to the max.  $2 sanga's at Apco on the way home and dinner was sorted.  got home late and bed late too.  A big day planned for the otway 100km ride on the MTB with Jason, Dave, Adam and Me.

Here's what happened:

  • Dave and Adam arrive just on time
  • which means we leave Forrest late
  • which means we get to Apollo Bay late
  • which means we are on our bikes around 10:15am to do 100km
  • ride goes well, have to bail at 50km as I have a womens ride at 5pm.
  • Jason and Dave continue to ride a bit more for another hour.
  • Adam sleeps
  • I go to womens ride with Russ Baker
  • David and Adam go to Apollo Bay to pick up his car and forget keys! oops, must drive back to Forrest again.
  • take 2, Adam drives David back to Apollo bay and drives home along G.O.R.
  • David arrives home late to Geelong and gets a smack on the bottom from wifey.


One new thing I learnt today -
Jason English is in love with his I Phone and is possibly addicted????


The womens ride in the arvo went well, and Russ was allowed to be a chick on this night. 
russ_and_norm.jpgThanks Russ for being a good sport.

Thursday Norm and I had an entire day of filming with Anthony and apart from being today tongue tied at the end, we were also physically exhausted from the experience.  Watch out for MTB skills segments on a show being broadcasted on Foxtel soon.

today, being work work work...and Saskia is at work happy about that.  Can get stuff done.

Tomorrow, 140km road ride with friends.  Cant wait.  I need a holiday I think!

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