Post Kona - Pre Otway Odyssey way to get over a dissapointment is to find a new goal in which to strive towards.  The biggest part of the Pain and Suffering is gone and whilst I am still dissapointed in self...I am going to learn from my mistakes.

It is about 10 weeks now until the Otway Odyssey , another local event that starts in Apollo Bay and ends in Forrest. It is a very gruelling 100km MTB marathon event.  This will be my 3rd time I will have done it too.  2007 I hated it and vowed not to do it...but entered the moment I could.  2008, improved my time by around 20 minutes, still hated it, and vowed never to do it again...but once again, entered the moment I could.  So I guess you could say that in 2009 I really want to beat my personal battle with this race.  I am not going to focus on placings, nor on worrying about other competitors around me.  Just set myself some individual goals, time checks, HR checks, food and drink sorted well and truly and find a good steady pace I can stick to and not falter.

So far since the Kona, I have been spending time recovering on the rollers doing heaps of revving and E1 HR work, then gradually bringing in some load(not much) but more intensity rather than duration.  Just to feel fast again, rather than sluggish after finishing this year with a 24 hour enduro.
By the end of week 1(after Kona) I decided to enter the National round at the You yangs.  Not to win, but just to add to this intensity training and because I love the trails at the You Yangs, the technical rocks and drop offs so fun!
Got back into the ergo sessions at Donna's and happy to be back on the bandwagon to improving my power output and IAT.  This is my biggest hurdle in becoming more competitive.

In week 2 I have been lucky enough to train with Emma Colsen, Dave Ollie, Normie boy, Adam and the magnificent Sharon Laws.  Saturday was a 50km singletrack thrashing - leaving me very tired indeed but totally stoked to ride with these guys at a steady pace.  Then Renata came and visited and we did Red Carpet repeats with some added single track over in Yaugher.  Rain to boot, but we just kept riding. At least the snakes stayed away!  Heading off to You Yangs tomorrow to suss out the trails and have a last look at what the bottom of Trav's Tk is like again, can I ride the impossible rock garden???

Taking it easy today as Sharon headed out on a single track epic through Yaugher.  That is by far the hardest thing, to sit at home, do work, sit in my trackies and wait for my ride tomorrow.

Catch up shortly, after the National round at Youies! 

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