Otways Odyssey 2010 - Oh crap!

Otway Odyssey 2010 Race Report

Well that was a toughie if ever there was one!

otway_odyssey_2010.jpgHere I am at 6:30am ready to race, did I know what was to come?

I knew I was going to hurt. 

I knew I was not in top form...but I just hoped I could pull a trick somewhere!

Initially up the climb, I was not too far back of the lead group, only a minute behind.  Then we entered the private property and I just felt the energy leave my legs.  I wondered how I was going to continue to find anything extra apart from just pedalling and moving forward.

In the end that was what I had to do.  Draw upon my local knowledge and just keep taking another pedal stroke. I dropped a chain, stopped and fixed it and watched no less than 4 girls pass me.  Probably was going to happen anyway...my legs were sapped already and we were still in the private property in the Heavy Smoker section. 

Finally when I reached the Mt Sabine fire tower I was keen to pedal a bit faster.  West Barwon Tk and Noonday were my faves.  The uphills hurt and the down hills were fast.  I just kept focussed on what I could manage today.  Not much - but enough to keep respectable.

Oh gee, it was hot - I have not mentioned that!  

Anyway, let me fast forward to the best bit...6:39 minutes later I finished and it was a long time on the bike for me today.  I crossed the line and was in a daze, sore, tired, exhausted, aching, thirsty but not hungry, just plain well OVER It.

Still too early about planning for 2011 OO, its still very early days in the pain epicentre.

A great kick up the butt to tell me where to head next if I want to achieve my goals this year.  

On a positive note, thanks to De Grandi's for setting me up on my new fantastic Fulcrum wheels , far out they were the best!  Thanks Giant Bikes for all your awesome support and the new Shimano shoes .  I took the risk and wore them and they were stiff as!  great shoes and not a blister or foot issue in sight.  This is good news.

Great work to all you other crazies out there who thought this race sounded like fun..may we meet again one day soon to reflect on the race together, group therapy sessions to help us move on!

Its now Monday...another week...and time to get ready for supporting Normie boy at the Mt Beauty 6hr - I am excited.