OTWAY'S 140km Road ride...my favourite gig.

I do love living in Forrest, have you heard that one before?

castle cove 3

Whenever I need a good ride...I very rarely seek other venues(although I will for the company of others and of course racing opportunities), but rather I will convince others to park their cars at my house and come for a ride with me.
Firstly, I get to sleep in until around 7:30am instead of getting up at 4:40am.  Thats a biggie!
Then I get to go straight home, have a shower and straight to bed, no driving home.
But apart from those winning benefits, I get to share the great roads and trails with my friends.

On Saturday night, Gen and Fran came laden with bread, milk and lasagna to stay the night and get the sleep in pre ride.

Sunday morning and the weather was awesome already.  Ok...its winter, August, and we are in the Otways, but today was the heat wave!  A bit of a Northerly wind, but not too strong.
No cloud cover over the range, sun was shining.  About 10 degrees starting temp, up into the highest point, about 600mt ASL, it may have been around 8 C.
...Anyway, here is the attendance list:
1. Me  - the host Laughing
2. Norm - the mechanic Yell
3. Aileen - the fashion guru Kiss
4. Gen - the mayor of Geelong in waiting Innocent
5. Fran - The chick from Bendigo Tongue out
6. Pip - The queen of the road Smile
7. Greg - Friend of Frans Undecided
8. Jeff - Forrest local Willier road bike! Money mouth
9. Christy - The city slicker trying out a few hills Surprised
10. Calum - Colac JRN Roadie, with bad omen going on with all wheels! Cry
11. Liz - Free Spirit "sea change" Multi Sporter / Chameleon Cool
12. Claire - I thought I could talk underwater, I have been overtaken now, Claire is the winner. Foot in mouth

A great turn out and varying fitness and hilll climbing abilities, so plan of the day was to ride at own pace, meet at 5 or 6 pit stops along the way and regroup, head off again.

The day started out around 9am, firstly there is the 6km climb to Barramunga which quickly sorted out those who did not mind hills, those who were just testing the water, and those who had not seen a hill in a while!

We re grouped at Barra and then headed on another 10kms of climbing in the upward direction to Turton's Tk.  Another regroup and then some heaven on bitumen for the next 17km or so until Beech Forrest.
Unfortunately, Calum had wheel issues, Ails was being realistic, and Norm decided to head back to be MR. Sag Wagon for Apollo Bay "bail outs".

Calum was primed for a big day, but all was lost when his cone on front wheel wobbled with not much control, slowly loosing any form of a wheel, no good for descending in the least!  Ails did an awesome job riding the 38km to Beech Forrest and then to turn around and double it was the most hills she had done in one day in well over a year.  Woo Hoo....gotta start somewhere.

Thanks Normie for being available to do this.

Onward from the rest of the gang, now 9 of us.
Saying hi to the cows and punching over any rises quite easily with the northerly pushing us along.

Soon arriving in Lavers Hill, the long awaited coffee stop was over too soon.  Back on bikes, instantly frozen with approx 10kms of fast descending with only one or two climbs until we reached Castle Cove look out at Glenaire.

 castle cove 1  view into Apollo Bay

About 5-6kms of flat riding now, with the knowledge of an instant heart and leg warmer that lasts around 3km and then continues for a total of around 10km.  Once the highest elevation through Cape Otway is reached, there is a gradual decline down in Apollo Bay.
We had a heat wave through Cape Otway, the sun was shining, the wind not getting through the bush, I was desparate to take some clothes off as was everyone else.
Eventually arrived in Apollo Bay for a late lunch and a well deserved raspberry lemonade.
Norm services were requested by Christy, she was just wanting to see us suffer up Skenes Ck hill which gains 500mt in altitude in 10kms.  Took me 35 minutes and felt good.
Norm then met us at the Barwon Reservoir lookout and handed out snakes, home in about 10kms now!  Woo hoo....

It was a big day, but a fun day.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, the weather was great and we will do it again, and soon!

Thank you to all who attended and hope to see you again.


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