On the plane trip to Alice Springs...my deepest inner thoughts (2)

020023LakeEyre02As I was flying to Alice Springs on Sunday 15th May, I was filled with such inspiration...so much so that when I saw the green trickles of land winding their way to Lake Ayre, I felt new life, overwhelmingly so that I was holding in tears of joy...you know the ones that when you cry, you are soooooooooo happy, but you just cant stop crying anyway?

Here was my story that flowed from my heart.  Maybe it is a story that inspires or gives you hope?

The Purpose of life…


My life is awesome, it is so full of wonderful experiences and really good people.

I am surrounded by loved ones and a beautiful life.

So why have I been floundering to find myself?


Often you hear of people talk about spending so much time working towards a goal, such as “when I retire, I am going to do this and that…”, or “when I lose 5kgs and I fit in a size 10, my life will be better”, or...”I will work 80hrs this week on such and such a project so I can sit back and relax for a bit with an empty in-tray.”


Firstly, do you ever really reach the pinnacle, the desired result? Or do you get to what you think is what you where searching for only to realise you had it all along?

The process of being driven to succeed is called LIFE.


I have been reminded of this a few times in my life of 38 years and as I write this I am reminded again.

Every little step along the way, every minute of every day, every tick box checked, every goal reached, is just a paving stone being laid on my pathway of life. The path I pave is neither straight nor perfect and sometimes there are gaps with weeds growing between, sometimes the pavers fit neat and tight.

The only goal I need to have is to keep this path going forward, making sure I take the time to plant some beautiful and inspiring scenery around me because this is a life long project and I have to live in it everyday!


I guess what I am trying to say is that I have been struggling for 8 months now with a sense of purpose, not really feeling connected to anything but moving forward anyhow…hoping that life would just “click” for me.


Surprise surprise! My life has been clicking all along.

My promise to self from this day forward:

  • Live in the moment, take a deep breath and let it fill my pores, my every being for what it is, good or bad.
  • Love freely, build bridges not walls.
  • Keep giving, keep caring…it WILL make a difference to someone somewhere.
  • Smile more and not worry about what people will or do think, I have it good so why not enjoy it.
  • Be grateful for every second I am given.
  • Embrace adversity.
  • Find forgiveness
  • Live honestly


The process of living can be so overwhelming…earning enough to be comfortable, keeping people happy, reaching goals, feeling a purpose in life…all these things and more seem hard sometimes, but as a person in this world, we are but all the same.

Exactly the same. How comforting is that? You are not alone…I am not alone and I am loved as much as I give love.


Thank you God for filling my heart with your love and hope, breaking me down to rebuild again.


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