Old Advice & Still totally relevant...

waiting-forWritten back in late 2009...this is still as relevant today as it was nearly 4 years ago!

We are all capable of learning and we are all in need of a reminder from time to time how to get results and reach our goals.

This was something I wrote down to briefly explain how I manage my life on and off the bike.

Jess Douglas’s Golden Rules to continued growth and success.

  1. The "1%" rule. 
    1 ride at a time, 1 day at a time, 1 week at a time, 1 month at a time, improve 1 thing at a time by 1 % and in 1 years time, you just have to be better...improvement is just GOING to happen!!!! 
    This rule is essential when things are looking too hard, or overwhelming, or like you aren't going anywhere forward, or if you stuff something up...remember the 1% rule.

  2. Focus on what you can control
    If something stuffed up in a race or training, could you have done anything about it?
    If so, fix it for next time and ensure it never happens again. 
    If not, then move on.  No use wondering what could’ve been when there was no way other than chance that you could have avoided the issue.

  3. Recovery.
  4. The most important and overlooked component in any sport or goal seeking endeavor.  Without it - you risk mental and physical exhaustion.  No human can possibly go 100% for 365 days a year without falling in a heap at the end with massive depression, chronic fatigue and a host of other ailments.  Do not feel guilty about doing nothing from time to time.  Its part of the whole process
  5. Surround yourself with positive and like minded people. 
    When you are struggling with motivation or self belief or just need to hear something nice, good people are essential. 
    Do not hibernate and feel sorry for yourself, get out there and have a chat or catch up with someone and get motivated again.

  6. Reward yourself. 
    Why bother working so hard if you cannot sit back and smell the roses? 
    It might be in the form of: a day off, a new bike part, time with friends, a sleep in, a holiday, a new piece of clothing, entry in to a race you have been procrastinating about...whatever you do, you MUST reward yourself somehow or you will continue to race, attend events, train and one day you will wonder why on earth you are doing it!

  7. Have structured Goals. 
    Have you heard about the SMART acronym? 
    SPECIFIC - be specific about what you want to achieve.  This could be events, times, HR's, who you want to beat, placings etc...
    MEASURABLE - No use saying you want to "get better" if you do not have anything to measure it by.  Improve your ride time over a 30km circuit, move up to B grade, etc...
    ACHIEVABLE - so do you have the tools and resources to make it all happen? 
    REALISTIC - No use saying you want to make the Olympic team, or Tour de France, if it just will never happen!  Small goals, achievable and realistic is the key.  Have a big goal in the distance and break it down into smaller bits(1% RULE)
    TIMELY - as stated above, important to break your goals down into smaller ones that can be done this week, this month etc...and have a cumulative goal that can be assessed in a year for example.  Ensure you are answerable to these as well.

  8. The TIME IS NOW!
    Stop waiting for the right time...when you are fitter, faster, stronger, leaner, wealthier, more knowledgable, when the kids are older.  The time is right...NOW...and think of this...if you start today, the week will pass and so will the next and all of a sudden a year will pass, and you will wonder if you had started "that goal" when you said you would, where might you be now?