New life - is it a sign!?

Since moving to Forrest we have embraced a sort of semi rural lifestyle, mostly hanging out with feathered fowl and becoming attached to certain bantoms.

PhotobucketNorm formed a bond with Sylvia his fave chick.  Unfortunately, Turkey Turkey attacked her and caused her horrible death.  Norm was devastated.

This lead to Matt (Matt the Smoothie Peddler) taking his Turkey Turkey back to his house and leaving the girl Turkey Turkey back with us.  Since then she has been diligently sitting on her hopefully fertile eggs. 


PhotobucketHowever...2 of our chooks have been brooding for a while now.  For the 2nd time this year, not sure, but since getting Sylvester (the bantom rooster)...they have been feeling frisky and very feminine.





Anyway...Saskia went out to feed the chickens today and low and behold there are two little chicks!  



new chickNew life, cute fluffy chicks, life continues on.


So enough philosophising, but it makes you realise that even when bad things happen, there is always wonderful miracles happening in the world.  No matter how bad today seems, there is a wonderful day filled with sunshine and good times around the corner.







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