Nearly there...race day looming

The Build

As I said in the last blog post, these events are always a tick box of processes to follow.
Everything from packing your gear, nutrition, lights to booking accommodation, riding the trails, delivering on media commitments and getting sleep!

Indoor TrainingWhen I got back from Mongolia after being sick and then after some R & R in Townsville, I only had 3.5 weeks to build form for the Worlds. Mongolia built form nicely, then I got sick, then I lost about 3kg in about 4 days and then I spent the rest of the time enjoying the sunshine and riding in Townsville.
Arriving home it was staring me in the face that I must do something.
Had a quick chat to my coach and mentor David Heatley about how I would do this.
We spoke about mental approach and if I thought I could gain any form in this time.
I said, yes, Yes I can, lets do this.
And so I laid out in my head, I have “X” amount of sessions to achieve in this time, I was doing 2 a day on the bike and core. Nothing long as I was too busy with work related responsibilites to spend 4-6 hrs on the bike in one chunk and not to mention we were not having the most inspiring weather here in Victoria either! One mountain bike ride for the soul, One indoor training session for the legs.

Trusty Lusty

In this time I also got my Giant Lust 27.5” new ride x 2.
With the popularity of the new bikes, I was unable to get the Lust Advanced 27.5 0 in time for the race so Jo Hall came to the rescue with the best of everything on the alloy frame.
Jet Black came to the rescue with Stans ZTR light weight wheels which shaved off aroundn 400gm on my No. 1 bike. BikeBox also supplied me with a few sets of Racing Ralphs in 27.5”.
Amazing, this alloy frame and now built bike was the bomb.
Her name became my Trusty Lusty. She's a good Aussie work horse and I soon found out that she really loved to play and go for fun and fast rides.
I found it was added motivation to my campaign, get to know my new ride and have some fun on the trails.

I was blessed in every way, Norm diverted my work emails so I never saw them, he and Kylie took on a bit of extra work for me. 3.5 weeks seemed to last forever and I always felt like I had loads of time. I got all my sessions in, I did all my work, life was panning out perfectly.
Form was coming but more importantly I was in a very very happy space and I brought Norm into that space as well.
As Norm is my main source of everything in a race, its so important that we were “in love”, best mates, on the same page and well rehearsed.

1375918 10151659664466003 1310662986 nWith 2.5 weeks under way, our plan was to leave home on the Tuesday to arrive that night in Canberra. That way I would have 2 days solid riding, one day rest and then race.
On Monday I started to contemplate what to pack and then realised that seeming we were driving I would just pack everything in as many suitcases as I needed and sort it all out in Canberra.
So I just piled it all in, my lights, my nutrition, my clothes, shoes, helmets, everything...just piled it in like I was throwing it out. Time was premium so my care and planning relied on “take more than you think and sort it out in Canberra”. I could always buy, borrow or find what I needed there anyway if I forgot it.

1382073 10151668209211003 74306348 nCanberra is a great place, I enjoy my time when here, I like the people, I like the mountain bike trails and just the vibe. It is certainly a place I feel at home in.
Day 1 I decided to ride from the apartment in the city to Stromlo. I had no idea how the bike paths connected or how long they took so I went as the crow flies and followed my nose through the arbouretum and up Cotter rd to Stromlo. Too easy!
I rode the trails at 9am with a good chick from NZ, Jude. From the moment we rode, I was loving the course. On paper I knew I would love it, and now my bike Lusty, agreed with me.
1391607 10151668672931003 706620020 nI came back in the afternoon and rode it again with Sam and Andrew Evans from Forrest who were on holiday and came to see me race. This time with Norm, what a great way to spend the afternoon. We all rode back together on the bike trail on the southside of the lake.
734125 10151668688326003 729716137 nThursday was about me, about getting some miles in again. So with the invite from Rod to ride with him, I just said yes as I knew he would be good company. Riding in and spending time on the trails again consolidated what I knew yesterday – I loved the course!
The good vibe I was getting built up more confidence that I was going to have a good race regardless of the result.
That night Norm and I went to the supermarket and then met Victoria & Sean and this lead to a late breakfast the next day with them.
Prior to this Vic was just a Facebook friend via the mountain bike scene. Now she might do more for us in the MTBSkills world with Sean.

644127 10151669754641003 935167335 nWhat I loved about this lead up was that I had time to give to everyone, turn up to ABC radio, answer phone calls for interviews, go out to dinner, ride the trails with friends and not once did I feel that I was being pressured or that I was using too much energy on others.
I had deliberately made a consious decision that turning up to this WEMBO World solo 24hr Championship was as much about me giving back to the sport and the people who might get energy from me as it was about me coming back to defend my World title. Once I had decided that it was easy to give freely.
Friday morning was all about me, a 1hr massage and 30 min facial – relaxation style.
Late brekky with Vic and Sean and Norm.
Register at the race.
Visit Eliza and Mark in their new home.
Race briefing at 3pm
Back to apartment and ride bike for 1hr on easy spin.
Eat, pack, shower, read and bed.

993700 10151680156541003 1266409001 nSaturday morning came around and our plan was to leave around 9am and arrive soon after at the race. Loads of people to say hi to, including my dad who turned up to my surprise. Sam and Andrew were also there to help Norm in the pits.
All I had to do now was some media with Jason, rest a bit, test the bikes out a bit, go to toilet and get dressed!
I was now nervous, but I had preplanned that I would feel this way.
It took a while to reign in my emotions and thoughts and put them in order for the process I had to follow but once I did all I wanted was to start this race, one hour in I would be happy and settled.
I am sure most 24hr racers cant wait to be an hour into it.

Let the race begin!