My year of racing coming to an end- YAY!

Since the Gravity 12 hour, it has been hard to train.  Really busy with MTB Skills, life in general and other responsibilities.  Really looking forward to doing some fun social rides JFK(just for kicks).

Have sustained a graze that is pretty sore due to a high speed crash on the weekend too.  Very timely.(NOT!)

Really looking forward to racing the Kona 24 hour on home turf too.  Its sort of relaxing knowing all I have to do is ride for 24 hours and ride the trails I know so well.  I have been deliberatly NOT riding them much as I want them to be exciting, not boring.  Norm is pretty excited as we have a few solo riders fronting up from our RDS squad.  Jac, Kirstin, Phil and Gav are all having a crack.  A few teams too, with Adam and Liz joining the 2 TCF teams as well.

So after the Kona - I have some fun again.  (not that riding for 24 hours isnt fun)

New sponsor Giant - great new road bike coming hopefully before Christmas, if not early January!  Check it out:


However I have been busy none the less:

Tuesday: ERgo sessions for Donna whilst she is in Canada
Wednesday: 2 hour MTB ride with Holly to nail J2
Thursday: Training ride for Otway Odyssey with Holly(see pics)
Friday: Terang College  MTB tour and skills with years 5-9
Saturday: MTB Skills Course from 9-4 in wintery conditions
Sunday: More skills sessions....
Monday: A day off the bike
Tuesday: Ergo sessions again for Donna
Wednesday: 2 hour MTB tour/skills with Apollo Bay customer on Yaugher trails
Thursday: Ride with Liz to Ocean Grove from Torquay(easy flat coffee ride)