My MAD weekend

Liz Phil and Jess  Jess, Adam and Phil  Lap 1

Last week Norm was in Sydney for the week.  He got home Friday morning around 1am.  We then got some work done all day Friday, met a lovely new person, Sara, who may be moving to Forrest to do wonderful new things, food and MTB related and then headed off to Torquay for a debrief on the camp with Shane, Lorenzo, Adam, Liz, Sara, Norm, Me, Kate, Leah...I think that was all!

I had to pack my bags for the whole weekend as I was not coming home.

Here is the weekends events:

  • Friday night, Torquay, meeting, stay at Adams with Liz
  • Saturday morning - Boot Camp at Ocean Grove .  Breakfast Torquay
  • Saturday afternoon 1pm to 6pm, You Yang's 3 Hour enduro
  • Saturday night, must eat and sleep, stay in Motel in Geelong with Liz
  • Sunday morning, visit Phil and have brekky with him
  • Sunday mid morning, drive to You Yangs for TriX Series Duathlon 
  • Sunday afternoon, head home to Forrest
  • Sunday 4pm - Forrest MTB Club mini time trial/handicap event
  • Sunday 6pm - home for dinner, sleep and tonnes of washing! 

Friday night:  To use the words of a girl named Katie who attended our camp - "Mad, Crazy, Insane"  this debrief meeting turned into something else.  Had my brain frazzled and turned my thoughts into bad ones of never doing another camp.  I cant worry too much about what other peoples thoughts and opinions are...the main concept is: Provide what the customers want...and work back from there huh?  So far that seems to work.  There was discussion of needing to become a "commercialised operation"...hmmm, let me think about that.  Finally we wound up the meeting and Liz and I headed to Adams and fell into bed and slept.  I got 8 hours sleep, woo hoo, and got to Boot Camp in Ocean Grove in plenty of time for my group. Cold cold morning of around 2 degrees celcius.  BRRRrrrrrrr!

Saturday: Had a bite to eat with the campers at The Dunes in Ocean Grove and headed back to wake up Liz and have a coffee at Soul Fuel and get some lube at TCF.  Once done, we packed up and made our way to You Yang's for the 3 hour enduro at the new Kurrajong Tracks .  My first 3 laps were magnificent.  I was very happy with my consistant times...then, a blow out, no not a tyre, but me...I just lost the plot and my big ring bash turned into a mediocre mid ring medley and I managed to put another 2-3 mins on the clock per lap after that.  I realised that I have been racing and training for shorter sharper events of late, and of course the body is just not primed to keep going at the pace it was.  Also realised after the race that my seat was tilted back and was not level, which was putting strain on my lower back that I had not experienced before.  The pain of the hard tail on the roughness of the course, coupled with this issue, increased the pain experienced in my lower back so bad that the last 2 laps were mostly done out of the saddle and at the end of the race I could not get off the bike and then I could not even move!

ouch my back hurts  bunch shot  Sandbagger on my wheel

The race was great however, and I entered A grade and did not come last in this category.  There were a few more participants that could have gone A grade...see you next time!  This series is not like State Level XC where A grade elite riders would lap you in a moment. So if you normally win or come close to a podium in Sport A, you can ride A Grade in this series !  Step up Gents!

Post race, Liz and I found a motel to stay in and sorted out Thai for dinner.  In bed, sleeping by 9:30pm.

Sunday: The weekend is not over yet.  Up at 6:45am, realising that there was no toaster, no microwave, we would lump on Phil's doorstep to have breakfast with him, unannounced of course!  Phil was still in bed hoping for a sleep in and had no milk or coffee.  Anyway, we got him in order and critiqued his "single man" lifestyle and enjoyed our food.  Off to the You Yang's for the second time this weekend for the TRI X series Duathlon event .  6km run, 23km MTB ride, 5km run.  Liz and I were teaming up for this, Liz running and me riding.  Backs still aching from yesterdays effort and a mere 17 hours later we were racing again!  Check the pics out at the top of this story!  Adam came along to support and say hi, as his GF Jane was racing, she won the female category.  Well done Jane.  Phil cramped again and Liz ran beautifully.  I had a good MTB leg, took about 3km to warm into it as it was a lot of the Great Circle drive, Big ring efforts.  Took 1 hour 3 min to do 23.5kms.  

With the weekend all but over, we parted our ways and I made the long trip back to Forrest.  I rang Normie to say I will be home soon, to be reminded that there was a race being held on Foxtail/ Super loop tracks at 4pm and I will make it home in time for this.  Oh bugger!  Not another race. And they will put me at scratch and I will die.  It was only about 7km of hard fast handicapped riding.  Limit rider had 2 mins on the next and then I was 7 mins and 10 seconds later.  I was hurting and my brain did not want to play "races" anymore!  Norm put 9 seconds into me and I finished 19 seconds behind him in 4 th place.  

Finally...homeward bound, a bit of washing, a bit of food, a long hot shower and I was off to bed!  Woo hoo...a long hard weekend.  Thanks for listening.  Thanks Liz for a fun weekend. 

Thanks to Stephen Rowe who has provided me these pics of the You Yang's enduro race. 

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